Using a Couples Massage to Relax & Rejuvenate with Your Mom, Sister, or Best Friend

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two friends having fun together

The bond between best friends is sacred, but as adults, it can be tough to find time to just enjoy each other’s company. Busy lives and conflicting schedules get in the way, and you might not want just another dinner when you finally get time together. This is where planning an indulgent treat-for-two can be the perfect solution. And if what you both really need is to relax and rejuvenate together, then a couple’s massage might be the perfect solution.

At Massage & Wellness Spa, we know that most often when people hear “Couples Massage”, the assumption is a “romantic couple”. But the shared experience can be so much broader than that. In its simplest form, our couple’s massages are a paired experience where two people receive spa treatments in the same room, at the same time. You don’t have to be “a couple” to enjoy parallel pampering, just an inseparable pair.


Share the Best with a Best Friend

You share the best of everything with your bestie, when you get the chance. Amazing little restaurants, beautiful views, cool activities; whatever the two of you can make time for in Largo, Florida and surrounding areas. So why not share the best relaxing experience you can find?

A couple’s massage is an opportunity for both of you to get professional relaxing treatments you need to face next week, feeling amazing, as a pair instead of a couple. Whether you want to experience massage techniques from around the world, steamed towel wraps, or focus on a specific area of tension, each of you can ask for specific treatments together and enjoy an incredible day as best friends. Our team of Licensed Massage Therapists and Estheticians are here to serve our clients.


Share with Your Mom or a “Fellow Mom”

When your mom tells you she just wants to spend time together, she probably means it. Imagine the relaxed conversation you two could have after a shared massage session with our talented team of Massage Therapists. The Mother’s Day, Mother-Daughter package can be shared by any two people. And add-ons like steam towels or hot stones among many other options are a way to truly personalize your experience.


Spa Treatments are More Fun Together

Our Massage Therapists are professionals and help clients enjoy a therapeutic and relaxing experience. Feel free to read our client-reviews here. And while many massage therapy sessions are for individuals, a professional massage with your best friend can let your natural conversation or comfortable silence flow through the treatment experience.

Both during and afterward, you can finally find the time to catch up, compliment your therapists together, and share the confidence to enjoy the full spa experience..


A Gift to Each Other

Getting a couple’s massage as best friends or as mother-and-daughter can be a gift that you give each other. Celebrate your long friendship together and help each other enjoy a day of relaxation that you both truly deserve. Besides, going together is the excuse you’ve both needed to go at all. Together, you can enjoy the massage experience even more than each of you would have by yourself.


Our Professional Massage Therapists

At Massage & Wellness Spa, we have a wonderful team of professional massage therapists and treatment specialists who can help address every ache and pain that you have when you walk through the door. If you describe the day you want to have, we can help you choose the right couple’s package for you and your best friend, and then truly enjoy the day that you have booked. Every treatment has the potential to become part of your perfect best friend experience.


Expect to be Pampered, Relaxed & Refreshed

When you arrive with your best friend, expect to be pampered. Our team will treat you like Royalty for a Day, where you and your bestie will enter your own realm of relaxation and refreshment. Expect to feel the stress melting away as bond with your best friend, chatting or simply relaxing together until you both feel truly incredible.

By the end of your session, you will feel pampered, relaxed, and refreshed – and closer as friends than ever before. Call to inquire about the perfect best friend couples massage package for you and your bestie and book with Massage & Wellness Spa, today.

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