BOOK or REQUEST a Session. What's the difference?

Book a Session. If you already know exactly what you want and are ready purchase a service or select an exact time right now, this option is for you. You may even be able to select a specific therapist. As always, we look forward to making your session a rejuvenating and relaxing time.

Book a Session

Request a Session. You may want advice on what type of session best meets your needs. Request a Session will require confirmation and while the service time is available at the time of your request, it still needs to be confirmed. We find this option is best for first time guests, those who have limited experience with our Spa services or those with a particular need. If you’d like one of our schedulers to contact you with information on what’s available this is a great option for you. You may also hear about other items to enhance or upgrade your session, such as hot stones, etc.

Request a Session