Day Spa Treatments and Services

As trained professionals in Licensed Massage Therapy, as well as many other personal services and relaxation techniques, we understand this is a very personal experience. Our goal is to treat customers with the care, responsibility, and respect they deserve. Putting you at ease as soon as possible is one of our first steps, so you can enjoy the benefits that come with our services. Thanks to years of performing Acupuncture, AromaTherapy and Deep Tissue Massage, our team members take great satisfaction in delivering a thoroughly relaxing and regenerative experience for our clients.

Several members of our team are specialized in targeted techniques. So, you can expect us to ask a number of questions regarding how you feel and where you’re experiencing pain or discomfort. We often hear from clients who’ve been treated at other Spa’s that our group is skilled at delivering treatment with confidence and our working space is very comfortable and larger than expected.

Among our specialty services, you’ll find Myofacial Release Massage, Cancer and Breast Cancer Massage, Trigger Point Massage, and many others. We encourage you to Check out OUR TEAM as well as our YOUTUBE channel for more information.

Our Therapists take the time needed to truly attend to client needs so we can better understand some of the underlying causes of your discomfort; Habits (like hunching over a desk); Work-related causes (such as heavy lifting) or possibly sustaining a physical injury (like a fall or automobile accident) can all have a ripple affect your health and well-being. At Massage & Wellness Spa we can’t change the past but we can help you feel better and experience a more relaxed and enjoyable life today!

For your comfort and convenience, we offer both male and female therapists who provide Mobile or Clinic appointments. Please call 727-459-2861 for details.

Vanessa provided an excellent massage. Very thorough and symmetrical with just the right amount of deep pressure. I’ll be sure to return…

John C.

Best deep tissue massage ever. Thomas does a fabulous job. I have not found a better therapist any where else.


Diane F.

Shell gives a very refreshing and therapeutic massage, taking into consideration all the needs of her patients. I definitely plan to return again in the future.

Virginia K

I have a lot of muscular issues due to scoliosis/spinal fusion, and after my massage with J.J., I have never felt better! Perfect combination between relaxation and therapeutic massage, and it was the best Christmas gift ever!

Jan H

Mark is very professional and knowledgeable in his profession. Before I started with him, I could hardly move or sit without discomfort. He has been able to idenify the places that need attention and work through them so when I leave I am relaxed and pain free. I am so glad I found him.

Anne B.