Effective: Monday - May 24, 2021

No more temperature checks or questions upon entry.

Effective: Monday - May 31, 2021

Pursuant with ongoing changes to health and safety recommendations, effective May 31, 2021, 

Massage & Wellness Spa will be updating previous policies/procedures related to Covid-19. As we make these changes, we intend to remain considerate to the health and safety concerns of our staff and our clients. Clients will be informed of these changes via email, social media and the company website. We also intend to be consistent with this information, when on the phone.

  • Fully Vaccinated persons are NOT required to wear a mask indoors (honor system).
  • Anyone who wishes to wear a mask indoors is welcome to do so.
  • Clients may choose to continue wearing a mask.
  • Staff may choose to continue wearing a mask.
  • Clients may request their therapist/esthetician wear a mask.


WE DO NOT HAVE an indoor waiting area for clients to gather, so clients should wait in their own vehicle and expect a text/call, when it is time to come directly in for the service. For anyone who may require reception assistance, or access to bathrooms or water, we will have the lobby door unlocked and open during reception hours. Reception hours are posted on our website.

Sign on the door will read… “Welcome! Please wait in your vehicle. We will text/call you in.”



Mask is required, if you are NOT Fully Vaccinated. ALL guests are welcome to wear a mask, if you prefer. ALL guests may request their service provider wear a mask during the session.

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