Irene Wang

Darryl is absolutely amazing and this might be one of the best messages I’ve ever had. I got a couple’s massage with him a few weeks back and I cannot tell you how great I felt even before I got up from the table. The pressure he used was perfect (of course, he checks in to see if you prefer a firmer or lighter touch, but his default was exactly what I prefer). He’s so thorough and really seems to read your body to know what you need rather than just going through the motions. I’ve always imagined that a great massage would leave you feeling like butter but I’ve never experienced it until my massage with Darryl. A couple of days before my appointment, I somehow tweaked my neck and my whole right side felt weird. After my massage, I felt more balanced, no pain, and much lighter. And the pain hasn’t come back. Definitely book with Darryl if you’re looking for something therapeutic beyond your time on the table, and has lasting effects! Will be booking again soon and making this a regular thing. Darryl- thank you!