Thomas Rossewey

Team Information

 Licensed Massage Therapist & Physical Therapist Assistant
 Practitioner #: MA50835 / PTA23653

Licensed to practice Massage Therapy and Physical Therapy, I have worked in both spa and medical settings. Most of my experience has been focused on orthopedic and injury rehabilitation, but I have also worked in hospital, skilled nursing and home health environments. It is my passion to deliver therapy that results in measurable improvements, and my goal is to provide patients new-found relief from pain. It motivates me to listen carefully to you and customize each therapy session. I am also a strong believer in patient education and patient responsibilities. We will get you to your best, as a team. It is truly my honor to be a part of your recovery, health and wellness plans.

I was born in Poughkeepsie, NY. and lived in Florida since I was 4 years old. So, most call me a Floridian. I am a graduate of Cortiva–Humanities Center of Pinellas (2007), Licensed Massage Therapist (MA50835), Edison College (2008) Certified Chiropractic Assistant, and St Petersburg College (2012) Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA23653). I am the founder and President of Massage & Wellness Spa. I feel very fortunate to be a part of this growing team of experts. From the beginning, we have maintained focus on “Our Mission”, to provide the most comprehensive and compassionate team of experts, at your convenience. Our mission is to provide you the most comprehensive and compassionate team for your therapy.

  • Pain Management
  • Manual Therapy
  • Mobilization Techniques
  • Posture Stabilization Techniques
  • Kinesiotape
  • MPS / Estim
  • Thermal Modalities
  • Neuromuscular Therapy
  • Trigger Point Work
  • Myofascial Release

A specialized massage therapy technique I developed is called the WORLD Fusion Massage, which includes an exclusive blended style of massage based on Thai Massage and Physical Therapy-type movements, combined with the use of Hot Stones and Steamed Towels, plus the perfect blend of massage pressure, with some gentle stretching and reflexology-type hand and foot massage. I have named this technique “WORLD Fusion” because of its diversity. In addition to that specific style, I also provide more common modalities of massage including:

  • Swedish Relaxation
  • Blended Techniques
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Pregnancy/Prenatal Massage
  • Hot Stones
  • Bamboo
  • AromaTouch Therapy
  • Foot Scrubs & Reflexology
  • Mobile Chair Massage for Events

Customer Reviews of Thomas Rossewey

  • I've been going to Thomas for massages for over a year and every time I am more amazed at his sensitivity and skill. First massage he asked if I get headaches in my right eye...I was astounded that he could identify that from his initial visit with me . He is the best and I give him a rating right out of the ballpark!!!
    Jane S
  • AromaTouch was the ultimate in relaxation as the oils permeated my skin I began to go into that elevated state, which is where I stayed for the remainder of my session!
    Suzie H.
  • I want to call Thomas the "Massage Whisperer. " Entering the door with pain and being out of sorts and leaving relaxed, pain gone and feeling well cared for. Just cant beat that feeling. I like the individualized care. He listens and provides the specific treatment needed for you. He also teaches ways to maximize and retain his therapeutic benefits.
    Lori A.
  • Wow was he good! Thomas asked lots of questions in order to better help you. Had a very good overall understanding of how the body works! When I left many of the knots were gone and my range of motion was so much better. Already have another appointment scheduled.
    Al W.
  • First and foremost, Thomas is the quintessential massage therapist! I knew the very first time that he was going to be amazing because I told him I just needed him to concentrate on one part of the body. His answer was indeed spot on, he said "Suzie, I have to treat the entire body because its all connected!" Before Thomas, I was always exhausted after a massage, but I went to work right after having a massage and felt GREAT. I am sooo excited because the next time I go we are going to do aromatherapy touch massage-yay You rock Thomas, but don't get so busy I loose my spot!!!
    Suzie H.
  • On a scale of 1-5 he earns a 6 !!!!!!
    Rick S.
  • Thomas is absolutely THE BEST!!! And don't know how, but he keeps getting better!!!!
    Jane S.
  • I am new to the area and feel very fortunate that I was referred to Thomas. One of the best massage therapist I've ever had a session with...he customized the massage to what I needed. I feel confident that some long standing issues I've had with back and neck pain will be resolved. as I continue to book appointments.
    Tammie L.
  • Thomas is always able to pinpoint my problem areas and provide relief. He is the BEST massage therapist I’ve been to! A relaxing and enjoyable experience all around!
    Ellen M.
  • Thomas was very thorough to take time to listen to my requests and that I was comfortable. If you are in need for a deep tissue massage and have someone work out any kinks in your muscles, Thomas is the one to see.
  • Thomas never fails me, when I am in for my massage. He has been working on me for about 10 years. As a more mature athlete, Thomas' expertise is highly important to me. His hands are purely magical, and his internal instincts knows exactly where to find my trouble spots and how to treat them. Thomas is highly recommended!
    Joanne R.
  • Thomas is fantastic! I had so much back pain and started seeing him for therapuetic massages. He has decreased my pain and given me tips on how to stretch properly. I would recommend this spa to everyone.
    Amanda W.
  • I am so thankful that a friend recommended Massage and Wellness Spa to me. She knew the issues that I was dealing with and said that I just had to go see Thomas!! I have had several visits there and every time I leave my appointment, I send my friend a text thanking her for the recommendation!!
    Julie B.
  • Very knowledgeable, helped me a lot. I had shoulder and hip pain and he explained what was the cause. Thomas gave me many instructions how to correct my body posture. Positive personality and years of experience is why Thomas is my go-to therapist.
    Magdalena M.
  • What a regenerating massage with Thomas at The Massage & Wellness SPA. His Knowledge, experience and skilled techniques are helping me to regain my flexibility, agility and over all healthy well being. Thank you!!!!
    Kara B.
  • I have really bad back problems and have seen chiropractors with no pain relief. Since I’ve started seeing Thomas the amount of pain that I have has significantly decreased. I am extremely happy with the massages I have been receiving and will continue to return.
    Amanda W.
  • I had wonderful therapy by Thomas. Thanks to him and his compassion and massage techniques.
    Melanie S.
  • Thomas was the best . He was highly knowledgeable . I was impressed with what he taught me about my body and how to take care of body in healthier ways. I definetely plan on returning so he can help decrease the pain and help my body heal Thank You
    Bernice M.
  • Thomas is very professional and provides a very relaxing experience.
    Laura B.
  • Another awesome massage! Thanks Thomas!!!
    Jane S.
  • Thomas was awesome… He is very knowledgeable and gave a wonderful massage based on my needs. I will definitely return!
    Karen H.
  • I've been going to Thomas for massages for over a year and every time I am more amazed at his sensitivity and skill. First massage he asked if I get headaches in my right eye...I was astounded that he could identify that from his initial visit with me . He is the best and I give him a rating right out of the ballpark!!!
    Jane S.
  • I tear and wear myself down and Thomas puts me back together. Thomas can always cure what ails me. Best massage therapist out there!
    Doreen A.
  • Best deep tissue massage ever. Thomas does a fabulous job. I have not found a better therapist any where else.
    Diane F.
  • Can't say enough good things about Thomas. Fabulous massage every time. He finds the areas in need & takes care of each and every one!
  • Thomas is a great therapist. He knows just which areas to work on and provides relief with every session. Very professional and caring. I have been seeing Thomas for almost ten years and have never been disappointed. I highly recommend him and his skilled and professional staff.
  • Thomas is far the most knowledgeable masseuse I have had the pleasure of meeting. He truly is a gift to his profession. I would highly recommend his deep tissue massage. Thank you Thomas
    Mary Butler
  • Thomas was very knowledgeable and professional. He targeted problem areas and adjusted pressure as needed. I am only here on vacation...but I could use a 'Thomas' back home.
  • Awesome, best massage ever.
    Lori A.
  • Thomas has been my massage therapist for close to 10 years. Never disappointed. Knowing that I am an older athlete, he knows exactly what I need. Thomas is a true professional.
    Joanne R.
  • Tom is a master MT. He finds the right spots that need to be smoothed out.
    Mary Kay A.
  • I have been working with Thomas for a few years now, and he is by far the best massage therapist I have ever been too. He really knows how to focus on what is really causing any pain or discomfort and fixes me every time! I have referred him to all my friends and family – he truly is the best!
    Michelle H.
  • Thomas was an excellent professional person.
  • I never had a deep tissue massage pinpointing my neck, head, face, and upper back. Although a little painful at times, it really helped relieve the stress and my headache.
    Vicky A.
  • I’m telling everybody I know how great it was. I give him 6 stars out of 5!!!
    Rick S.
  • As usual, Thomas did a great job. I am back playing golf.
    Len L.
  • There should be more than 5 stars He is awesome.
    Lori A.
  • Thomas and the staff go above and beyond to educate themselves in up to date massage techniques. They are the best I have found for deep tissue massage related to sports injuries. I highly recommend this massage and wellness spa.
  • I have been going to Massage and Wellness for a few years now and love it. Thomas has always been excellent and focuses on areas that need extra work. The atmosphere is relaxed, clean and professional. Would definitely recommend it to anyone!
    Debbie Clarke
  • Thomas has only gotten better over the years....and he was fabulously talented from my first visit when he was just starting out. His ongoing education has served him and his clients well.
    Jody K.
  • The best deep tissue massage ever! Thomas is extremely professional, thorough and caring. I feel totally confident that he has my health and best interest in mind. Thank you Thomas!!!
  • I'm so greatful to have Thomas as my massage therapist!! He is the very best !! .. I'm feeling brand new, thank you so much.. See you in 2 weeks.
    Kim H.
  • Thomas provides instant and lasting results, locates the source of my pain and goes to work on the problem. Never dissatisfied. Goes above and beyond my expectations.
    lori a
  • Tom as always was awesome.
    Mary Kay
  • There is simply no other therapist that can provide relief like Thomas. He is so knowledgeable and can always find the root cause of a muscle issue. He is the best!
    Doreen Aldrich
  • I have been seeing Thomas for three years. He is one of the most skilled and knowledgeable massage therapists I have have been treated by. I recommend him to anyone looking for exceptional massage care.
  • I can go anywhere to get a message but if I want to fix what is really ailing me I go to see Thomas. He can always find the real issue and what is causing my discomfort. It's more than a message. He knows the body.
  • Thomas is the best,I always feel great after a massage. The man has healing Magic in his hands.
    Sylvia Silcox
  • I have to recommend this spa to all my friends. It is a wonderful experience. I have been here several times, but this was the first time I had Thomas.He did a great job. I would have to say the place is very clean,the people are professional. A great value.
    Dan Barbush
  • Thomas is amazing at what he does! Great personality also. If you want a wonderful massage, go see Thomas.
    Al W.
  • Thomas has been our massage therapist for several years and he does an excellent job EVERY time. He never ceases to amaze me on his ability to sense and relieve any and all knots and tension. He radiates kindness, good energy and a caring spirit. He is first rate, top quality and always earns the highest possible rating!!!
    Jane Saunders
  • WOW! when you schedule deep tissue massage with Thomas you'll feel like he's a doctor analyzing your tissue, tendon, and muscle issues. Then he gets to work on them. You'll feel amazing after your appointment. Highly recommended!
    Aaron Workman
  • Thomas, thank you for your careful and expertise treatment.
  • Thomas continues to exceed my expectations, which are already off scale. He is THE BEST because of his innate understanding of anatomy and physiology and his knowledge of physical therapy. THANK YOU, Thomas, for your caring, sensitive and professional ways!
    Jane Saunders
  • Thomas is FANTASTIC! I came in with a shoulder/neck injury & limited movement in that area...after a few sessions with Thomas I feel much better, have a much better range of motion than before & sleep better at night!!
    deanna r
  • I'm new to messages and masseuse Thomas has me hooked!
    Teresa Vellardita
  • Thomas is amazing. He has done a magnificent job getting my shoulders and hips back to working order. It much better to spend your money on a professional like Thomas than on pain killers.
    Sylvia Batista
  • I am so grateful that my chiropractor referred me to Thomas. He has mad such a difference in my neck and shoulder issues. He is always kind, helpful, and so very knowledgable. The deep tissue massage is outstanding.
  • My chiropractor referred me to Thomas and he has made such a difference! I know the expert care I have received has sped up my healing process. Thomas is always genuinely kind and exceptionally skilled at his practice. I would recommend Massage and Wellness Spa without hesitation. The facility is clean, comfortable and peaceful.
  • Thomas provides an excellent massage. Very intuitive and knowledgeable regarding the various musculature of the body. Thomas has significantly helped increase my should range of movement and reduced my pain. I would highly recommend anyone to schedule a a massage session. Very pleasant accommodations and pleasant staff.
  • Thomas has made such a difference in my health. He listens and then figures out the way to make muscles relax on the spot. He also gives good ideas for maintaining flexibility and well being. I am so glad my chiropractor recommended him!
    Lee Crane
  • Yesterday was my first visit to Massage and Wellness Spa. I booked with Thomas and let me tell you, he is unbelievable! He knows the human body, he knows how best to address any area that needs extra attention and he knows how to communicate what he is doing and why. I've had massages before but this experience was way above all the rest. Being a PT, Thomas is able to incorporate his knowledge of physical therapy into the massage experience. I highly recommend Thomas and this facility.
    Linda W.
  • Thomas is incredible. His knowledge of his trade and application of such, is beyond reproach. The best massage therapist I have had the privilege to work with regarding my sciatic nerve issues. A delightful person as well.
    JOHN H.
  • Thank you Thomas for getting my hip back to where it should be. I can now walk up stairs without using the hand rail. Thomas is he best. Very professional. Love this place.
    Sylvia Batista
  • Thomas is an amazing therapist. He is professional, personable, and very knowledgeable. He knows exactly which muscles need more treatment! I highly recommend him! Call today you won't be disappointed!
  • Thomas is fantastic! His mannerisms during the session are very relaxing and professional. He is extremely knowledgable about the muscular system and how each muscle affects & is affected within the body as a whole. I highly recomend him. The facility is lovely- clean, aesthetically pleasing, calming and quiet. It was a 5 star expreinece for me!
    Karen Thomas
  • Bernice Frederick
  • Hands down the best therapeutic massage I’ve ever had! I’ve worked as a massage therapist for the past 11 years , have been a instructor for massage and have worked in all aspects of the industry. Thomas can absolutely help with issues in your tissues .
    Toddy P
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