Thomas Rossewey

Team Information

 Licensed Massage Therapist & Physical Therapist Assistant
 Practitioner #: MA50835 / PTA23653

Licensed to practice Massage Therapy and Physical Therapy, I have worked in both spa and medical settings. Most of my experience has been focused on orthopedic and injury rehabilitation, but I have also worked in hospital, skilled nursing and home health environments. It is my passion to deliver therapy that results in measurable improvements, and my goal is to provide patients new-found relief from pain. It motivates me to listen carefully to you and customize each therapy session. I am also a strong believer in patient education and patient responsibilities. We will get you to your best, as a team. It is truly my honor to be a part of your recovery, health and wellness plans.

I was born in Poughkeepsie, NY. and lived in Florida since I was 4 years old. So, most call me a Floridian. I am a graduate of Cortiva–Humanities Center of Pinellas (2007), Licensed Massage Therapist (MA50835), Edison College (2008) Certified Chiropractic Assistant, and St. Petersburg College (2012) Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA23653).

As the founder and President of Massage & Wellness Spa, I feel very fortunate to be a part of this growing team of experts. From the very beginning, we have maintained focus on “Our Mission”, to provide the most comprehensive and compassionate team of experts for your therapy, at your convenience.

  • Pain Management
  • Manual Therapy
  • Mobilization Techniques
  • Posture Stabilization Techniques
  • Kinesiotape
  • MPS / Estim
  • Thermal Modalities
  • Neuromuscular Therapy
  • Trigger Point Work
  • Myofascial Release

A specialized massage therapy technique I developed is called the WORLD Fusion Massage, which includes an exclusive blended style of massage based on Thai Massage and Physical Therapy-type movements, combined with the use of Hot Stones and Steamed Towels, plus the perfect blend of massage pressure, with some gentle stretching and reflexology-type hand and foot massage. I have named this technique “WORLD Fusion” because of its diversity. In addition to that specific style, I also provide more common modalities of massage including:

  • Swedish Relaxation
  • Blended Techniques
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Pregnancy/Prenatal Massage
  • Hot Stones
  • Bamboo
  • AromaTouch Therapy
  • Foot Scrubs & Reflexology
  • Mobile Chair Massage for Events
Customer Reviews of
Thomas Rossewey

Thomas is amazing. He listens when you let him know what is going on with your body and addresses it as he gives his massage he also educated you as he’s massaging.

Donna Steele

I would really recommend a massage with Thomas. He is great, he knows exactly what your body needs and also explains everything that he is doing and why. Thank you!

Lenka Sulakova

I highly recommend Massage and Wellness Spa in Largo. Thomas is the owner and he and his staff are well educated in massage techniques. Do yourself a favor and check out their website and book a massage today.

Mark keenan

Thomas was recommended by my chiropractor – really a great recommendation! Much better results long term than any massage therapist I’ve used in the past.

Tammie Levenda

Great place, clean and relaxing ambiance. Thomas is great, super knowledgeable on the body’s structure. If you’re dealing with multiple injuries or the body compensating in several unhealthy ways, see him!

Megan Tarbox

Very knowledgeable, helped me a lot. I had shoulder and hip pain and he explained what was the cause. Thomas gave me many instructions how to correct my body posture. Positive personality and years of experience is why Thomas is my go to therapist.

Lena C

Thomas is exceptionally knowledgeable about the human body. His massage technique is exceptional for healing as well as general wellness.


My massage therapist Thomas was remarkable! Very professional and knowledgeable about his practice. I will be coming back for years!

Mary dodson

Awesome spa! Thomas was the best massage I’ve ever had. Will be going back for sure.

Emily's world

I have been seeing Thomas as my massage therapist for the last 6 years. His services are impeccable. Massage and Wellness Spa has given me the ability to stay active, continue running, and recover quickly with post massages. I would highly recommend Thomas for your massage needs.

Joanne Root

I have been going here for a couple of years on a biweekly to monthly basis. With the physical therapy background that Thomas brings to the massage table, he has kept me functioning optimally in my physical job as an equestrian.

Lesley Cox Equestrian, LLC

I highly recommend this place, I have been seeing Thomas for massage every two weeks for almost a year and scheduled for next year. Everyone is amazing and very professional. I would give them ten stars if I could!

Bota Seri

Thomas is amazing! Tell him what your issue may be and he will work it out. you will feel great and will want to return! Go! Enjoy and feel better!

Cliff Pugh

Thomas is the best! I’ve had massages throughout the world. He’s able to pinpoint problem areas, address/discuss them and provide feedback on how to self care afterwards. Truly the best!

Anna Hall

Thomas was THE BOMB diggety! As a massage therapist myself I recognized quickly that Thomas has an advanced knowledge of anatomy and therapeutic technique. He was friendly, professional, thorough and communicative…

Allison Shorb

Best massage treatment I’ve ever had! I see Thomas every 3 weeks for stress reduction and deep tissue, and have been a client since Oct 2017. I’ve never felt better.

Troy Raley

My sister and I did a couples massage with Thomas and Sandy and let’s just say they both were awesome sauce very professional and knowledgeable we both suffer from static nerve pain and we left feeling very relaxed and ready to plan our next spa day thank you so much my body feels amazing

LaTesha Crawford

I recently had a massage with Thomas and was extremely satisfied with the amount of precautions they are taking with the current COVID-19 outbreak. I was able to receive an excellent massage while feeling comfortable and safe. It was a much needed stress reliever and I will definitely return during and after this pandemic.

Megan Thompson

I have been seeing Thomas for massage since January and I’ve never felt better! I’ve lived with neck and back pain for years because of my job and Since seeing Thomas, I don’t live with constant pain anymore. His energy is amazing.

Ziel Bridal

Just left Massage & Wellness Spa feeling ABSOLUTELY RELAXED! This was my first couples massage with my sister and my first massage ever. Sandy & Thomas were very professional, personable, and compassionate to our needs. They are outta this world great and WE WILL BE RETURNING!! ​😉​😁

Sharnee Sessoms

I had one of the most amazing massages here! I found them on Groupon and originally booked a reflexology appointment with Thomas. When I got there, he saw there were other problems going on with my posture and muscles and adjusted to work on those issues instead. I will definitely be going back!

Erin Scully

Thomas is fantastic! I had so much back pain and started seeing him for therapuetic massages. He has decreased my pain and given me tips on how to stretch properly. I would recommend this spa to everyone.


Thomas never fails me, when I am in for my massage. He has been working on me for about 10 years. As a more mature athlete, Thomas’ expertise is highly important to me. His hands are purely magical, and his internal instincts knows exactly where to find my trouble spots and how to treat them. Thomas is highly recommended!


Thomas was very thorough to take time to listen to my requests and that I was comfortable. If you are in need for a deep


Thomas is always able to pinpoint my problem areas and provide relief. He is the BEST massage therapist I’ve been to! A relaxing and enjoyable experience all around!


I am new to the area and feel very fortunate that I was referred to Thomas. One of the best massage therapist I’ve ever had a session with…he customized the massage to what I needed. I feel confident that some long standing issues I’ve had with back and neck pain will be resolved. as I continue to book appointments.


Thomas is absolutely THE BEST!!! And don’t know how, but he keeps getting better!!!!


On a scale of 1-5 he earns a 6 !!!!!!


First and foremost, Thomas is the quintessential massage therapist! I knew the very first time that he was going to be amazing because I told him I just needed him to concentrate on one part of the body. His answer was indeed spot on, he said “Suzie, I have to treat the entire body because its all connected!” Before Thomas, I was always exhausted after a massage, but I went to work right after having a massage and felt GREAT. I am sooo excited because the next time I go we are going to do aromatherapy touch massage-yay You rock Thomas, but don’t get so busy I loose my spot!!!


Wow was he good! Thomas asked lots of questions in order to better help you. Had a very good overall understanding of how the body works! When I left many of the knots were gone and my range of motion was so much better. Already have another appointment scheduled.


I want to call Thomas the “Massage Whisperer. ” Entering the door with pain and being out of sorts and leaving relaxed, pain gone and feeling well cared for. Just cant beat that feeling. I like the individualized care. He listens and provides the specific treatment needed for you. He also teaches ways to maximize and retain his therapeutic benefits.


AromaTouch was the ultimate in relaxation as the oils permeated my skin I began to go into that elevated state, which is where I stayed for the remainder of my session!


I’ve been going to Thomas for massages for over a year and every time I am more amazed at his sensitivity and skill. First massage he asked if I get headaches in my right eye…I was astounded that he could identify that from his initial visit with me . He is the best and I give him a rating right out of the ballpark!!!

Tasha ZakalaTasha Zakala
21:34 13 Nov 21
After having a negative massage experience a few years back I decided to give it another try. I purchased a Groupon for a relaxation massage here. Veronica was exceptional. She made me feel comfortable and was very communicative about the process, my comforts and discomforts. I will absolutely schedule again with Veronica.
Meredith WoocikerMeredith Woociker
23:06 09 Nov 21
Kayla is so knowledgeable and addressed all my skin concerns. She lets me know exactly what she’s putting on my skin and how it will help. She really knows her products. She’s very cheerful & pleasant to be around as well. For now on, I’m only seeing Kayla when I go in!
14:33 27 Oct 21
Kayla, was incredibly knowledgeable with recommending products that would work best for my specific skin type. Went to see her two weeks ago and I am noticing my skin has a radiant glow and I said goodbye to blackheads on my nose!!! Loving the results!!!!! Can’t wait for more facials to come. Yes, to self-love!!!!
Magan VarnadoreMagan Varnadore
12:20 21 Aug 21
I have seen Sarah four times now for my skin care and she is absolutely amazing! Sarah is so sweet and caring and really listens to your concerns. After just the first visit she sent me home with very specific instructions and recommendations to achieve my skin care goals and I have had positive results since day one! 110% would recommend!!
Danielle DoddDanielle Dodd
04:35 14 Jul 21
I had my first ever facial 2 weeks ago with Sarah of Skin Savvy Sarah. I was a little apprehensive at first but Sarah was so bubbly and sweet that I instantly felt at ease.The facial itself was amazing. One of those things you didn't know you were missing out on until you tried it. I didn't know what to expect. I figured it would be a time of relaxation and that I would leave with soft skin, but had little expectations past that. Was I ever in for a surprise!I had acne as a teenager but thankfully it cleared up as I became an adult. The last few months I've had all these tiny bumps show up on my cheeks, under the skin and I had no luck getting rid of them completely. When i left my appointment there wasn't a bump to be found and two weeks later, not a single one has popped back up!I've also been cursed with giant pores on my nose and it's always been something I've been self conscious of. Leaving my appointment I didn't have a single viable pore on my nose. I still keep checking in the mirror and can't believe that they are practically invisible!One of the things I loved about Sarah was her passion for her work. She not only did a phenomenal job of doing the facial but she was very helpful and educated me on HOW to properly wash my face and what ingredients to look for in products I put on my face. She hooked me up with some products to try- an acne face wash and a skin gel and they are fantastic.I can't get over how smooth, soft, clear, and glowing my skin is now! I'm obsessed about it!An absolutely amazing experience. Five stars. 10/10. Could not recommend enough! Can't wait for my next visit!