Special Offers: Mothers Day 2022

At Massage & Wellness Spa, we take great pride in ensuring all our massage, stretching, yoga, beauty and wellness services are delivered in professional and welcoming surrounds. So many of our clients are Moms and we appreciate them! Below are some of the favorite services! We hear about these A LOT (see our Google Reviews) and you’re sure to get a big THANK YOU when you give any of these to your favorite Moms for Mothers Day!

Relaxation Massage $85 – 60 minutes *(Session 302) Buy Now/Gift
Signature Facial $75 – 60 minutes *(Session 1102) Buy Now/Gift
New Client Spa Day $150 – 120 minutes *(Session 125 & 1107) Buy Now/Gift
Ashiatsu $100 – 60 minutes*(Session 540) Buy Now/Gift
Facilitated Stretching $85 – 60 minutes *(Session 905) Buy Now/Gift

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Many treatment enhancements are available. Average cost is $15 per upgrade. Ask our staff member about these for more details.