Meet the Practitioner!

Emma Kiara

Yoga Breathwork Therapist

Yoga Nidra is a deeply relaxing, rejuvenating practice that uses the biological process of sleep to help you naturally and effortlessly disengage from your thoughts. Yoga Nidra will help to shift consciousness, restore inner balance and access healing on all levels, targeting pain, stress, negative habits and much more by working from beyond the mind. In this workshop we will learn a little more about why Yoga Nidra is so beneficial, as well as create personalized intentions for our meditation. We will do a small amount of movement to get the energy flowing, then settle into a comfortable, reclined position for meditation. From there, simply close your eyes and allow my voice to take you on a journey of deep relaxation!


Yoga Therapy:

The body is the mind made visible. How we feel physically reflects our thoughts and beliefs about ourselves, others, and the world. Most of us have had experiences we have not fully processed. Unfortunately, these experiences don’t just go away but only change, lodging themselves in areas of tension or injury throughout our bodies. In this workshop, I will guide you gently into supported yoga poses that allow time and space for these areas to soften and relax. In this way we are able to process our life experiences on the physical level, letting go of stagnant energy and welcoming in a fresh perspective!