The VR-Zen Lounge Library

Escape reality with Massage & Wellness Spa’s new Virtual Reality Zen-Lounge. This VR experience will allow clients to relax, explore, learn, or game in the new lounge area. Feel free to preview some of the VR experiences we currently have to offer!


Cirque du Soleil

Around the Planet

Journey to the Edge of Space

Journey Out of Our Solar System

Dino 1

Dino 2

Guided Tour of London

Guided Tour of New York City

New York, City of Skyscrapers

Evening Walk in Times Square

Lake Baikal, Russia, Magical Ice

Fighter Jet Formation

Red Bull Formula 1 Race

Sky Dive 1

Sky Dive 2

Our Mission

Maintain ourselves on the cutting edge of technology to help mental health. In a year when more people have felt stress, anxiety, depression and isolation than ever; we will be launching the platform to set the mind and soul free, like never before.

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