The VR-Zen Lounge Library

Escape reality with Massage & Wellness Spa’s new Virtual Reality Zen-Lounge. This VR experience will allow clients to relax, explore, learn, or game in the new lounge area. Feel free to preview some of the VR experiences we currently have to offer!

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General Topics

Introducing Oculus Quest 2, Run time 8:03
Virtual Office, Run time 1:35

Experience Topics

Best VR Experience Videos Part 1, Run time 13:50
Best VR Experience Videos Part 2, Run time 11:29
Spacewalk Experience, Run time 6:24
Hot Air Balloon Experience, Run time 2:12
Beautiful Scenery, Run time 51:10
Tour Space, Run time 2:43
Tour Six Real Exoplanets, Run time 11:08
Tour Hawaii, Run time 4:46

Meditation Topics

Who Are You? Part 1, Run time 24:59
Who Are You? Part 2, Run time 25:21
Space Ambiance Floating to Music, Run time 2:50:04
Psychedelic Safari, Run time 3:16
Mind Chill 360, Run time 4:55
Guided Meditation Tripp, Run time 8:18
Find Your Happy Place 1, Run time 8:18
Find Your Happy Place 2, Run time 8:18
Find Your Happy Place 3, Run time 8:18
Find Your Happy Place 4, Run time 8:18

United States




Mars – The Red Planet, Run time 11:30
Mars walk 360, Run time 0:39
Introduction to Solar System, Run time 4:33
Walk on the moon with NASA, Run time 6:26
Enter the Black Hole, Run time 4:42
Spaceflight to Andromeda Galaxy, Run time 5:19


Our Mission

Maintain ourselves on the cutting edge of technology to help mental health. In a year when more people have felt stress, anxiety, depression and isolation than ever; we will be launching the platform to set the mind and soul free, like never before.

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