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  • Addie Luciano
  • Amber Hall
  • Anne Michelle “Shell”
  • Charlotte Watenpool
  • Danielle Barger
  • Danielle Tyler
  • Delon N. Palmer
  • Faith McKay
  • J.J. Tyler
  • Jennifer Clark
  • Mark Hayward
  • Nathan Whipple
  • Patti Barker
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  • I had a terrific facial from Vanessa yesterday. She was very thorough and knowledgeable but the best part was she really listened to me and tried her best to meet my needs. I have had facials at numerous spas and Vanessa ranks up there with the best. She exceeded my expectations. I will definitely go back!
  • Thomas and the staff go above and beyond to educate themselves in up to date massage techniques. They are the best I have found for deep tissue massage related to sports injuries. I highly recommend this massage and wellness spa.
  • Thomas is Incredibly......by far the most knowledgeable masseuse I have had the pleasure of meeting. He truly is a gift to his profession. I would highly recommend his deep tissue massage. Thank you Thomas
    Mary Butler
  • Addie is a gifted massage therapist; I highly recommend her! I get relief from the muscle tightness and pain I experience, and leave my appointment feeling calm & relaxed.
    Margaret A.
  • Very friendly staff, very clean and a place to relax. I enjoyed my massage. Hope to be back again soon. Would give this place a 5 star for sure.
    Ellen Nelissen
  • Went in for the second massage with a twist; in between massages I contracted a bad sciatica pain! I talked to JJ before the session and he made it a focal point. Afterwards he gave me great follow up routines to concentrate on and so far so great! Very professional and attentive to your needs. Highly recommend Massage and Wellness SPA!
    Robert T.
  • Thomas has been my massage therapist for close to 10 years. Never disappointed. Knowing that I am an older athlete, he knows exactly what I need. Thomas is a true professional.
    Joanne R.
  • Tom is a master MT. He finds the right spots that need to be smoothed out.
    Mary Kay A.
  • I have been working with Thomas for a few years now, and he is by far the best massage therapist I have ever been too. He really knows how to focus on what is really causing any pain or discomfort and fixes me every time! I have referred him to all my friends and family – he truly is the best!
    Michelle H.
  • Thomas was an excellent professional person.
  • I never had a deep tissue massage pinpointing my neck, head, face, and upper back. Although a little painful at times, it really helped relieve the stress and my headache.
    Vicky A.
  • I continue to get better. My flexibility is increasing and I am back playing golf on a fairly regular basis.
    Laurin L.
  • I’m telling everybody I know how great it was. I give him 6 stars out of 5!!!
    Rick S.
  • Wonderful I’d like to take him home to Canada with me. He even could identify my posture issue and recommended what could be done. When asked a question he did not know the information on he did not hesitate to say he wasn’t familiar with that topic. The essential oil treatment was unbelievable. Highly recommend this spa and person.
    Margaret L.
  • As usual, Thomas did a great job. I am back playing golf.
    Len L.
  • Wonderful massage. He did an excellent job working on all my knots!!
    Savannah S.
  • There should be more than 5 stars He is awesome.
    Lori A.
  • Everything was terrific.
    Len L.
  • Awesome, best massage ever.
    Lori A.
  • Great as always, took care of my shoulder
    Laura S.
  • Very knowledgeable, helped me a lot. I had shoulder and hip pain and he explained what was the cause. Thomas gave me many instructions how to correct my body posture. Positive personality and years of experience is why Thomas is my go-to therapist.
    Magdalena M.
  • Thomas is fantastic! I had so much back pain and started seeing him for therapuetic massages. He has decreased my pain and given me tips on how to stretch properly. I would recommend this spa to everyone.
    Amanda W.
  • I have really bad back problems and have seen chiropractors with no pain relief. Since I’ve started seeing Thomas the amount of pain that I have has significantly decreased. I am extremely happy with the massages I have been receiving and will continue to return.
    Amanda W.
  • What a regenerating massage with Thomas at The Massage & Wellness SPA. His Knowledge, experience and skilled techniques are helping me to regain my flexibility, agility and over all healthy well being. Thank you!!!!
    Kara B.
  • I had wonderful therapy by Thomas. Thanks to him and his compassion and massage techniques.
    Melanie S.
  • I am so thankful that a friend recommended Massage and Wellness Spa to me. She knew the issues that I was dealing with and said that I just had to go see Thomas!! I have had several visits there and every time I leave my appointment, I send my friend a text thanking her for the recommendation!!
    Julie B.
  • Thomas is very professional and provides a very relaxing experience.
    Laura B.
  • Had fantastic 90 minute massage with Shonna this morning. I’ve had massages around the country at numerous spas and this ranked at the very top. Shonna’s experience, expertise and professionalism shine through. The price can’t be beat either. Don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment!
    Christy S.
  • Thomas is always able to pinpoint my problem areas and provide relief. He is the BEST massage therapist I’ve been to! A relaxing and enjoyable experience all around!
    Ellen M.
  • Thomas was awesome… He is very knowledgeable and gave a wonderful massage based on my needs. I will definitely return!
    Karen H.
  • It was a wonderful 60 minutes! Perfect pressure & my many knots sure got loosen up. Looking forward to coming back the next time I’m in town.
    Amy M.
  • Absolutely 100% satisfied. Completely relaxed and refreshed. A great way to start the weekend. Will definitely be returning. Thank you so much.
    Amanda M.
  • Terrific experience! Worked out all the knots in my neck and back.
    Bryan S.
  • Extremely professional, wants feed back to better his techniques, and gives feedback on what he found… Overall excellent experience.
    Hilda L.
  • It was great. Had a good massage and felt like the masseuse really knew what he was doing and gave good advice.
    Melissa L.
  • My first experience ever and it was absolutely amazing. He definitely takes the time and listens, and sure does know his stuff! I think he knew what I needed even more than I did, you rock!!
    Misty H.
  • Very good and relaxing.
    Kevin R.
  • Very knowlegable. Uses various techniques working on troubled areas. Takes his time and invites feedback during massage. Felt much better after massage!
    Linda K.
  • Wonderful – already feel better.
    Lisa L.
  • Was a great massage.
    Nancy V.
  • AnneMichelle is the best! Wonderful massage, hit all the right spots with perfect pressure. She really cares about your specific needs! I will definitely ask for her again.
    Janie L.
  • It was my first professional massage ever and she did amazing. Most relaxed I’ve been in a long time and she adjusted to my needs perfectly. Definitely going back!
    Cali P.
  • Excellent facility and very professional staff. Anne Michelle communicated in depth with me on what I was wanting/needing prior to the massage and did exactly what was needed.
    Lloyd B.
  • I had a massage and foot scrub by Anne Michelle Siler. Both were fantastic!!! Anne did a great job, very calming, very soothing. I practically fell asleep! By far one of the best I’ve ever had! I would definitely go to Anne Michelle again!!
    Irene C.
  • I have gotten quite a few massages over the years and have never experienced a massage quite like this one. There were certain parts of my body that were hit that I did not even know I had stress in. Anne Michelle was simply amazing! I would HIGHLY recommend Massage & Wellness Spa. My boyfriend and I will be back again.
    Nicole P.
  • Ann Michelle is an extremely talented massage therapist! Wish I could come once a week, very comfortable atmosphere and will recommend to anyone in need of a massage.
    Celia D.
  • First I had a massage with Shell. She was fabulous. She even took time at the end to show me some Stretches to help release my problem areas. Then I had a facial with Jenny. Wow! Best facial ever! She was amazing and was very knowledgable. Overall, an incredible day!
    Kacey R.
  • My massage was wonderful! I left feeling completely relaxed and had a great night sleep!
    Brittany Z.
  • I found the treatment and the individual that gave it to me to be outstanding and I would recommend her (Anne Michelle) to my friends and associates.
    Sandy N.
  • Most relaxing massage I’ve had! Ann Michelle is awesome!
    Nicole N.
  • Great, relaxing place to forget all your troubles for a little while and enjoy a great massage. Highly recommended.
    Jenny T.
  • Anne Michelle is always great and this time I have a back injury with nerve pain and she made it feel so much better! I feel amazing after my Friday massage!
    Jacklyn M.
  • I’m thought message therapy was a luxury. I’m was not aware of how much it can really help. I’m am looking forward to my next session!
    April D.
  • Shell did a wonderful job and really worked out some trouble spots. I really felt relaxed and would highly recommend her.
    Sandy P.
  • Great! Shell worked on all my problem areas & was gentle around my fractured wrist!
    Kathy M.
  • Excellent therapist. I enjoyed it very much.
    April D.
  • Great Experience!
    Sladjan V.
  • I love the massage, it’s helping my neck pain and other problem areas. I try to schedule every week if I can, I’m never disappointed!
    Julie V.
  • Shell did a great job! She really worked out areas that have given me pain for quite a while. I love that she is so strong. Thank you!
    Rachel K.
  • The massage was perfect! I would recommend Shell to anyone who needs a deep tissue massage.
    Amy D.
  • Very relaxing.
    Ken D.
  • Very professional.
    Adam A.
  • I think was wonderful! I feel so much better. I will definitely recommend it to my friends and family.
    April D.
  • This isn’t my fist massage with Shell. She is wonderful and always goes out her way for myself,and my friends and family. I will always be coming back.
    Zainab S.
  • It was a wonderful experience. I felt really good leaving the spa
    Diane M.
  • It was awesome!
    April D.
  • This was a wonderful 90 minute relaxation and a foot scrub massage.
    Sue K.
  • Wonderful first time! Very happy with the full body massage!
    Donna S.
  • I have been to Shell a few times now and the massage I receive is exactly what I want. I have been happy with the professionalism and care that I have received; that is why I continue to book follow up appointments.
    Jennifer C.
  • Great fix for my lower back and shoulder pain.
    Richard B.
  • Shell was very attentive and in-tuned to my needs. My 90 minute massage felt like a wonderful relaxing vacation from the real world!
    Nikeshia M.
  • My therapist [Shell] is very knowledgeable, professional and caring. She has eliminated a lot of pain for me.
    Eileen B.
  • Wonderful – already feel better.
    Lisa L.
  • Shell is a great therapist. She always asks about your concerns and any problem areas. Then she fixes those area & relaxes you too!!
    Kathy M.
  • Shell gives a very refreshing and therapeutic massage, taking into consideration all the needs of her patients. I definitely plan to return again in the future.
    Virginia K.
  • Fabulous and informative.
    Ashlee M.
  • It was my first time seeing Shell and it exceeded my expectations. I have already booked my next appointment. I highly recommend scheduling an appointment.
    Jennifer C.
  • Excellent, looking forward to next visit.
    Julia F.
  • Anne Michelle is very personable and she used the right amount of pressure, the 90 minutes went by too fast. The pepprmint foot scrub was great.
    Joe B.
  • I never had a therapeutic massage before. I didn’t think I would like it and thought it would be uncomfortable. My wife insisted I go and I’m so glad she did. Anne Michelle made me feel very comfortable and I think I fell asleep for the first ten minutes, I was that relaxed. The massage Shell gave was amazing. Thank you.
    Joe S.
  • Anne Michelle hit all my knots with the perfect amount of pressure! I felt very flexible and relaxed afterwards ????
    Jaida L.
  • It was great to find a therapist on the first visit that was skilled in the areas that I needed treatment. Kudos to the office manager for matching me to Danielle. She was very thorough and didn’t rush to treat the Psoas and surrounding areas. Very happy to recommend and return!
    Jana W.
  • Danielle is very thorough and works the areas that need it extensively. I only wish she worked more days!
    Jana W.
  • Danielle was amazing! This was the most thorough and relaxing massage I have ever had. Remember to ask about new client specials. I am definitely going back. The staff was very friendly and professional.
    Charlie L.
  • Danielle was Great! The massage she gave me got me out of pain that I had been in for months! Thank you so much…I feel like a new person!
    Candy D.
  • Getting back into running after a knee scope and definitely needed some deep tissue work! Danielle did an excellent job and I will be back!!!
    Marilyn G.
  • Danielle was amazing. Very pleasant and was professional with her job. She is passionate and caring. Would highly recommend.
    E Simone
  • Very relaxing,, nice atmosphere. Danielle did a great job and I can’t wait to go back.
    Paul L.
  • The experience was the best I have had other massages and no one has got my neck that it could turn while driving without the stiffness. Great work Danielle.
    Agnes S.
  • I always have headaches and muscle knots in my shoulders from a car accident. Danielle is a life saver she really knows what she is doing. I have tried other companies before and they could not compete.
    Sandra C.
  • Danielle is the best! She is attentive to her clients needs and adapts her therapy accordingly. Very professional. Highly recommended.
    Rob L.
  • Relaxing and theraputic, Danielle does wonderful massage. She also incorporated upper body stretching to help alleviate tensions.
    Ryan A.
  • Never felt so relaxed! 30 minute massage was not long enough! I’ll be sure to schedule a 60 min massage soon. Danielle really knows her stuff! I’ll be back!
    Kim M.
  • Great massage, appreciate the friendly conversation, and professional with their service.
    John Z.
  • awesome, she really knows her stuff.
    Carol S.
  • It was wonderfully, wonderful!
    Tim M.
  • We had a great experience with JJ and Danielle. Very thorough and relaxing massage experience!
    Jeff L.
  • I have always gotten excellent massages Danielle took it to a new level Extraordinary!!!!!
    John C.
  • Very good massage .. Danielle was very calming.
    Dawn K.
  • The massage was phenomenal & she was so friendly! Thanks so much!
    Stephney B.
  • Very courteous and attentive about my needs and pains from past injuries. I found this massage to be very helpful.
    Robert B.
  • Couples massage was great with JJ and Danielle. We will definately see them again.
  • JJ and Danielle were amazing! They were so professional and made our first massages wonderful. They put as at ease, were very personable and communicative throughout the massage. We will definitely be back!
    Michelle G.
  • Best ever. Really helped with acute and chronic problems. I highly recommend Danielle and will be back to see her soon.
    Susan D.
  • Danielle was great. She is very professional and very experienced. Very attentive to my concerns and accommodating with my injuries.I will be back soon! Thanks for an extremely therapeutic experience.
    Frederick S.
  • Very nice, relaxing massage.
    Valerie C.
  • Sometimes you go to a new place and the first visit is amazing but the next one is so-so. Not in this case. I had JJ work on my psoas and he was great. Thank you!
    Jana W.
  • JJ worked out great was informative and helped relieve most of my discomfort in the time we had, looking forward to another session to work out the rest.
    Forrest F.
  • J.J. was great. I’m a small (115lb) lady, and I never felt pain during the massage. J.J. Checked in from time to time to make sure all was well. He also asked upfront if there was in area he should or should not focus more time on. All in all it was a great experience, will definitely recommend this place to friends and family.
    Tiffany M.
  • Very happy with our massages and the relaxing atmosphere. The prices are great and the people friendly and communicative. We enjoyed our time here and can’t wait to go again!
    Michelle M.
  • Excellent massage by JJ. Very professional.
    Sharon C.
  • Very relaxing and knowledgable will be back with my wife soon. I love this place.
    Bryan C.
  • I have had two massages from JJ and both were absoluty divine. He is a personable and extremely passionate person. Always keeping your comfort in mind, JJ not only provides an amazing massage but has a wealth of knowledge to share as well.
    Ryan A.
  • Absolutely professionally amazing. He is superb! Assessed my hip with first amazing massage. J.J was by far the most knowledgeable therapist I’ve experienced at other faciliies. I will be back! By second massage I was able to recieve another stressfree, comfortable and deep tissue experience.
    Wendy F.
  • Wonderful!
    Stacey H.
  • Wonderful massage that helped me acclimate to Florida! Thank you!
    Amanda O.
  • JJ was awesome! I had a lot of back & hip pain from playing tennis & I felt slit better after just one massage. I plan to go back for a follow up in the next week or two. He was very knowledgable & professional.
    Donna D.
  • He really went above and beyond working on my hip, and was very professional.
    Wendy D.
  • Woke up Sunday in a lot of pain. M&W got me in to see JJ within 30 minutes. He hit all the right spots with the perfect amount of pressure to be effective but not make it uncomfortable. Definitely will be returning!
    Angel C.
  • This was a wonderful 90 minute relaxation and a foot scrub massage.
    Sue K.
  • We had a great experience with JJ and Danielle. Very thorough and relaxing massage experience!
    Jeff L.
  • Very relaxing experience I will for sure book again. JJ made me feel at ease.
    Brian S.
  • Very nice relaxing massage.
    Lori C.
  • JJ is a very knowledgeable professional – with his strong background in medical and sports therapy, he was able to diagnosis my issues and help me develop a flex and exercise program to alleviate a lot of my symptoms. Saved me a visit to the Dr and the associated steroid shots! Love ya JJ!
    Melinda H.
  • Great massage! Pressure was perfect. Booked another appointment before I left the clinic.
    Karl K.
  • JJ gave probably the best massage I have ever had. Worked out knots and joint stiffness and pressure was fantastic! Will recommend to all my friends!
    Justin B.
  • JJ was very professional and provide an excellent massage that alleviated the soreness from my shoulders.
  • J.J. was THE best therapist I’ve ever had. He is so knowledgable on how to pinpoint and relieve tension and pain, and truly cares. I highly recommend him!
    Tiffany N.
  • I went to see JJ today for a 90 minute deep tissue massage. I have worked in the healthcare field my entire career and I have interviewed and hired many massage therapist over the years. JJ is obviously a experienced professional and an expert in his field. I was suffering with neck and shoulder pain all week and now I feel great. I highly recommend him for your massage services.
    Jeana R.
  • JJ was totally FAB! Will definately return. Really liked that it was a full 90 minutes.
    Lisa R.
  • Location was easy to find, clean and comfortable. Staff was polite and professional. This was my first experience here and and I was satified with all ~ But, JJ is the Best!!! Highly recommend him. I had a perfect, relaxing, therapeutic massage that left me pain free and relaxed.
    Anne L.
  • I have a lot of muscular issues due to scoliosis/spinal fusion, and after my massage with J.J., I have never felt better! Perfect combination between relaxation and therapeutic massage, and it was the best Christmas gift ever!
    Jan H.
  • The service was impeccable beginning to end and the massages were excellent. Definitely recommend to couples. It was my first professional massage and JJ and Shonna were simply amazing, JJ made me feel very comfortable and my boyfriend had no complaints!!!! Our 50 min drive was definitely worth it. Thanks so much Massage and Wellness Spa!!!
    S. P.
  • Went to Amber for pulled hamstrings and neck pain. I do a lot of physical work and have massages before but, my first experience with Amber and Massage and wellness as the best ever…….. I was completely shocked at how well my pains were gone, she also gave me advice on how to help with leg precautions. Thanks again and will be back soon. Nate
    Nate C.
  • Amber does an excellent job and understands how to work the entire body to achieve the best results.
    Peter F.
  • My massage was awesome! The place is nice and neat and I love how efficient the online booking and sign in process is. I haven?t felt so relaxed and pampered before- I had just the perfect amount of relaxation and deep tissue massage. I will be back and definitely recommend to all my friends.
    Kate M.
  • My couples massage was amazing! Valentina and Amber were both so sweet. Valentina did my massage and I seriously did not want to leave, I thought about it for days after. The place is very clean and well taken care of. Absolutely going back.
    Michael P.
  • Amber did a wonderful job working on some very tight areas. I knew I was sore and tight but wow. Great work Amber….Thank You. Don C
    Don C.
  • Very relaxing, very thorough and enjoyed the ladies who worked on me!
    Lisa C.
  • I received this massage as my Mother’s Day gift, I was so excited since it was my first massage ever and it did not disappoint!!! From the moment I got there till I left we received excellent service! I did not want to leave!!!! I had the one hour one but wished it could of been 5 more hours at least! Will definitely come back!!!
    Andrea R.
  • Great couples massage! Hope to come back.
    Brenna S.
  • First time visit was great! Walked in with lower back and sciatica pain…walked out able to stand up straight. Amber was awesome! Feeling a little sore from the deep pressure but I expected that in order to relieve the pain. I highly recommend.
    Nicole A.
  • Amber and Valentina were amazing! Already rebooked.
    Caleb P.
  • The front desk staff was very welcoming and processed my new client paper work quickly. The spa is very clean and tastefully decorated. Daniela did an excellent job with my service and was very professional. I would highly recommend her.
  • Great location, pretty spa, very professional staff. The service with Amber was absolutely perfect. I had a 90 minute World Fusion massage which was wonderful… I’m never wasting my time going anywhere else.
    Corey M.
  • Amber was great. She hit the spots that needed attention.
    Eve W.
  • The experience was great Amber did an excellent job. I would recommend this place to anybody looking for a great massage.
    Quinisha R.
  • After carrying a backpack through Ireland for 8 days & flying for 13 hours in a cramped airline seat-my body was one giant knot. Amber is amazing & I will return for another massage from her soon. Thank you Amber.
    Phyllis D.
  • She was an excellent therapist. I would definitely recommend her. Probably one of the best massages I’ve ever had. Very relaxing and the right amount of pressure in the right areas.
    Arthur C.
  • Amber was amazing! She worked miracles on the knots and stress in my back. She also worked the areas where I have had sciatica in the past to relieve tension there as well. I would highly recommend Amber to anyone looking for a relaxation or therapeutic massage.
    Doug W.
  • I had the pleasure of having Nathan for a 90 minute deep tissue massage. He was amazing from the first stroke to the last. I enjoyed chatting with him too. He is very personable and professional. I highly recommend him without reservation. Call now, what are you waiting for? He is the BEST!
    Susie H.
  • Nathan was amazing. He listened to my concerns and made sure i was worked where I needed work. He is very knowledgable in his field. I left feeling relaxed and stretched. I highly recommend Nathan!
  • This is my 2nd visit here after moving here from Michigan two weeks ago. Nathan is a professional therapist, personable and put 100% into the massage that I receive…. I have had many massages, he is amazing and is also a great communicator… This Spa is great! Call now, you won’t be disappointed!
    Susie H.
  • Nathan did an incredible with my deep tissue massage. Tons of stretching and focus on back and shoulders. He was very intuitive and listened to my main areas of concern. I will definitely make a follow-up appointment.
    Lynne H.
  • When I entered the Wellness Spa I could barely move my right arm. The muscles in my back were completely knotted. Thanks to the excellent care given to me by Nathan by the time I left the Wellness Spa I was able to move my arm freely & the muscles in my back were completely relaxed. The relief was so great that I have another visit scheduled for later in the week. Thanks Nathan for taking doing such an excellent job.
    John H.
  • Nathan was very knowledgeable and continued to ask if his service was helping. He is an extremely professional young man and knows his skill of massage very well. I would recommend his expertise to anyone!
    Ann T.
  • My husband and I booked our first couples massage with Amber and Nathan, earlier today and I am more than pleased. Nathan showed me how to stretch in certain areas to relieve some of my lower back pain and he helped me leave feeling no pain. Amber provided my husband with a knot free back! He’s never had such an amazing and detailed massage. Thanks again. We will be back.
    Amy M.
  • Very relaxing. Definitely needed a massage. Booked another one for Saturday.
    Jennyfer P.
  • Our couples massage was a pleasant experience. My therapist was Nathan and Kens therapist was Jay.
    Shannon & Ken
  • Very pleased with my massage. Helped alot in me feeling better. Definitely will be back again!
    Sylvia D.
  • Jennifer is the best. I have had many hair removal sessions but Jennifer is buy far the best I have ever had. Thank you Jennifer.
    James K.
  • This was legit the best experience ever. It was my first time, Jen was so cool. She was funny, she made sure I was 100% comfortable and educated on my waxing, I assure you, you WILL be back after the first time with her, I know I will. Thank you again girl!!
    Maiye W.
  • Jennifer did an amazing job, she took less than 45 minutes to do my Brazilian wax. The hard wax did not hurt my hairs at all! Overall great job!
    Kaira G.
  • I came in for a wax for the first time at this establishment and left anticipating my next appointment. I have been looking high and low for a decent salon to do my bikini waxes for me. I was so astonished by the procedure, the vegan/organic products, and the results. I haven’t been this happy since leaving my 10 year relationship with Skin Spa in New York City almost two years ago. They definitely will have a return customer in me and many referrals from me as well.
    Kathleen J.
  • First I had a massage with Shell. She was fabulous. She even took time at the end to show me some Stretches to help release my problem areas. Then I had a facial with Jenny. Wow! Best facial ever! She was amazing and was very knowledgable. Overall, an incredible day!
    Kacey R.
  • Jennifer is a great Esthetician! I highly recommend her for any of the services she offers. I am a regular customer, my monthly regimen includes waxing and facials. The product that she uses are perfect for all skin types, she really cares and will address any trouble spots and how to alleviate any redness, ingrown hair or trouble spots. If you are looking for a regular Esthetician, I HIGHLY recommend Jennifer.
    Stephanie W.
  • After my massage and candling yesterday I felt wonderful, I slept like a baby and I’m still feeling the benefits today. Thank you so much!! What a great experience.
    Kathy V.
  • I had a facial by Jennifer, which was amazing and I can’t wait to reschedule with her!
    Courtney G.
  • I would definitely recommend Massage and Wellness Spa. I had a facial and massage and both were excellent. Jennifer was my esthetician. It was a very relaxing experience and my face skin felt great. Stephanie was my massage therapist. She too did an outstanding job and also took extra time to show me some stretches that would help with some pain I was having. Can’t wait to go back.
    Patty H.
  • This was the second facial I ever had in my life. I had a bad experience with the first one and took me almost 10 years to try again. Jennifer was AWESOME!!! The treatment I received fit my needs perfectly and felt great! Because Jennifer has a previous background in Massage Therapy, I got the added benefit of a nice little massage to boot! I highly recommend Jennifer as she seems to cater the treatment to the clients specific needs! I will be a regular!!! Thank you so much Jennifer!
    Anne S.
  • Jennifer made me feel comfortable and at ease as she did her magic. A very serene atmosphere with relaxing music filling my ears. I’ll be back ????
    Sharon B.
  • My esthetician Jennifer was wonderfull !! GREAT experience! I had the microderm procedure done, first time ever. It was an hour of pampering for me. I will definitely go back.
    Cindy B.
  • I loved the hard wax and that the pre and post wax products are organic!!! Jennifer was great at explaining how my brows should be shaped and where I need to grow them back in.
    Stephanie L.
  • Very relaxing.
    Ivan C.
  • I had a facial with Jennifer and she was very knowledgeable about everything she was doing and explaining different techniques and products for my skin type. I will definitely recommend her to my friends and be back again.
    Sharon K.
  • My esthetician was very knowledgeable and skilled. She was willing to make adjustments for my skincare needs and was very informative. Thank you!
    Chelsea N.
  • Jennifer did an excellent job of creating the perfect facial for me. The setting was relaxing and unhurried. I especially love the scalp, neck and back massage that accompanies the facial. Heavenly!!! My son treated me to a gift certificate and if I lived a bit closer, I would love this wonderful facial once a week!
    Jan M.
  • After my custom facial with Jennifer, the redness and uneven color was gone and my skin felt soft and smooth. I only had to use half of the makeup I usually do after my facial.
    Patti B.
  • Jennifer’s facial was soothing and relaxing, face felt clean and refreshed.
    Joe B.
  • Recently visited Jennifer, the Aesthetician,for a facial and pumpkin peel. The facial was sooo relaxing and refreshing. The cleansers and peel really perked up my dry skin! The ambiance was very pleasant, and her soothing treatment has me addicted. I am definitely putting this on my “pamper me” routine.
    Laura C.
  • With Jennifer’s experience and ability, the overall experience is a talent itself and she completely avoids the stigma of pain and discomfort. I highly recommend Jennifer for any of your waxing needs.
    Stephanie W.
  • Vanessa provided an excellent massage. Very thorough and symmetrical with just the right amount of deep pressure. I’ll be sure to return…
    John C.
  • Vanessa was great! Had been going to physical therapy for a sports injury and was not making progress other than getting really tight with spasms. She did a great job working through those! Would definitely recommend!
    Jana W.
  • This was my first experience receiving a professional massage and it definitely exceeded my expectations. Vanessa hit all my knots with the perfect amount of pressure! I felt very flexible and relaxed afterwards to the point I fell asleep within the last 15 minutes. I would come back again
    Michael F.
  • The service that Vanessa provided was excellent, looking forward to next visit.
    Jaminette F.
  • This was my second time with Vanessa and this time it was a couples’ massage for 90 minutes. Everything was excellent and I will definitely repeat. The pressure and thoroughness were perfect and I felt fully rejuvenated afterward.
    John C.
  • very relaxing and a great way to start your birthday!
    Jerry N.
  • Fantastic…very relaxing. Did the couples massage for my fiancé birthday. He loved it too!!
    Reda W.
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. She worked on the areas that needed attention applying pressure where I definitely hold stress. Calming, relaxing, quiet. She is very knowledgable.
    Bev G.
  • My couples massage was amazing! Valentina and Amber were both so sweet. Valentina did my massage and I seriously did not want to leave, I thought about it for days after. The place is very clean and well taken care of. Absolutely going back.
    Michael P.
  • Great Massage from Valentina! I will be back again. Thanks You!
    Brian O.
  • My fiancé and I recently moved from Texas and have also started new jobs with a completely new company that involves driving all over an area that we have never been to before. We had high levels of stress and tired bodies from the huge move and changes and were in a serious need of a relaxing, massage to alleviate our aching muscles and push the added stress out. I found a Groupon for Massage and Wellness SPA and took a shot in the dark, which happened to be a great choice! I made my final decision off of reviews on their website and chose specific therapists that I felt could carry through and meet our needs. Thomas and Valentina were absolutely AMAZING!!!
    David R.
  • I purchased a living social deal for a couples massage as a birthday gift. It was well worth it, I will be returning and will recommend friends to go!
    Kayla C.
  • I never get massages because I'm in constant pain since I was in a car accident, but my daughter gave me this one and I'm so glad I came! It was amazing, I loved my experience; everyone was super professional and we will come back
    Monica L.
  • Valentina was so sweet an did an amazing job, I came in with some pretty bad pains. I still need work but my back and neck is a lot better then before!
    Victoria T.
  • Valentina was absolutely amazing! After recently moving here and leaving the massage therapist behind that I have been going to for over ten years, I was worried I wouldn't find a therapist here that would compare. After getting only two other massages from a couple therapists, I was so happy to have had my most recent massage with Valentina. Her technique was fabulous and I will be returning soon and often for repeats!
    Dyvnae S.
  • Amber and Valentina were amazing! Already rebooked.
    Caleb P.
  • Excellent! Valentina always asks about my current condition, what hurts, and then applies the appropriate pressure. She does a great job!
    Bob H.
  • Too many years have passed since I last had a massage. Valentina massaged away all the years and provided a friendly, informative treatment.
    John S.
  • Extremely professional and very welcoming staff! Valentina was amazing. Can't wait to go back.
    Pamela M.
  • Valentina is an excellent clinician! Left with no neck or upper back pain and totally, completely relaxed! Highly recommend her!!
    Chrystine T.
  • I am a first time customer and found out about this business thru a Spa gift card that I rec'd. I was very pleased with Valentina's professionalism. She gave me a wonderful Swedish massage. She made me feel very comfortable throughout my session. The atmosphere is very calm and serene. You will not be disappointed coming here to fulfill your wellness needs!
    Linda H.
  • It was great, thank you!
    Yelena D.
  • I am a first time customer and found out about this business thru a Spa gift card that I rec'd. I was very pleased with Valentina's professionalism. She gave me a wonderful Swedish massage. She made me feel very comfortable throughout my session. The atmosphere is very calm and serene. You will not be disappointed coming here to fulfill your wellness needs!
    Linda H.
  • I had a wonderful experience and left feeling great. Ty, ty,
    Laura C.
  • Valentina was great. She really worked my knots out, without hurting me. I really enjoyed the hot stones. Very relaxing. All in all it was a great experience, This session was a couples massage booked by my lady, great surprise. I will definitely recommend this place to friends and family.
    Jamison S.
  • I highly recommend Valentina--a relaxing, soothing experience. Just the right amount of pressure. Great massage!
    Lisa R.
  • Absolutely delightful and relaxing.
    Bob H.
  • A wonderful treasure hidden in a small strip mall. Don't be deterred by the traffic and location - it is very quiet and peaceful inside. My first visit and I felt extremely welcomed. Valentina was wonderful. Listened to my needs and answered any questions I had. I walked out feeling so much better than when I walked in. Thank You Valentina. I wilst definitely be back.
    Gayle W.
  • Valentina was amazing. Best massage ever!
    Victoria E.
  • She was great. I came in with alot of knots in and around my neck, back and shoulders and left with most of them gone.
    Christine Y.
  • This was my first ever professional massage and it was incredible. A couples massage. So peaceful, relaxing and soothing. I would definitely recommend Valentina! She was awesome. Thank you!
    Diego L.
  • Valentina was the best!
    Carol J.
  • Valentina Provided an Excellent Swedish Massage!
    Bob H.
  • Valentina is so great! As an athlete, I experience a ton of neck and back pain....her technique and massages make me feel 100% better each time. She is so wonderful, and can always pin point where I am having extra pain. Thank you Valentina!! 🙂
    Abby M.
  • I had been experiencing back pain for weeks when I finally over did it in the yard. I was able to schedue an appt. with Addie on a Sunday. She did a great consult first and I told her to use her judgement for the best message for my condition. She was firm but gentle and even used some stretching techniques that I had never experienced. This was the best massage I have ever had. She gave me follow up advise before I left as well. I plan on booking another appt. soon so she can keep my back and hips feeling this good all the time. Thanks Addie!
    Janine N.
  • Love Danielle, she knows her stuff. I have reccommended her to my friends.
    Carol S.
  • Vanessa was awesome! This was truly the best "Spa Day' I have ever had!!! The massage and facial were just heavenly....and the hand and feet treatments were so unexpectedly lavish!! Love this place and Vanessa! Will be going back on a regular basis!! Also loved the jade stone on my face.......never had that before!
    Barbara F.
  • I found my massage very relaxing and I am looking forward to my next one. Anne Michelle is great at her profession and I would highly recommend her.
    Corrine H.
  • Great massage! Addie was very professional and provided a great massage.
    Robert S.
  • We had a couples massage and we were both very happy with the service. Addie and Shell were very professional, both gave very nice massage. We plan to go back very soon.
    Private Feedback from Survey
  • Efficient booking and payment system. Vanessa is a confident and capable therapist. Recommended.
    Isaac H.
  • I have visited many SPA's and was unable to find a person as good as Vanessa. I had a Facial and a Massage and both were excellent.
    Jaminette F.
  • It was wonderful and exactly what I needed. The massage was as expected since I've had those before, somewhat relaxing but I had knots that needed to be worked out. The surprise was from Vanessa. The facial, head, hand and foot massage had me so relaxed that I kept dozing off.:) My face feels fantastic and my color is back, if that makes sense. Thank you for a great day.
    Kathy V.
  • It was very refreshing to get a massage by Vanessa. Just the right amount of pressure to release tiredness and tension... and nice that face is included in her massage. The massage reset my whole rhythm.
    Dale R.
  • Danielle is my therapist. She has magic hands that can relieve all the discomforts that you brought with you to the session. She is thoughtful and kind in her approach to making me feel comfortable through-out the treatment. She offers suggestions to help relieve those discomforts until you need to see her again. I highly recommend Danielle to anyone that is in need of a great massage to help relieve all the aches and pains of the day.
    Geraldine M.
  • I have now experienced two Therapeutic massages with Danielle, she is through in her search for the problem areas and the relief from pain and lack of movement is amazing. She has constructive suggestions for correcting any future problems and since she is licensed in personal training, her advise is sound. I have booked a future appointment with her and am looking forward to full comfort in the near future with Danielle's help.
    Geraldine M.
  • Amber was exactly what I needed before my flight back to Austin! I survived a long day of travel so much better after receiving her wonderful massage the day before.
    Cheryl Y.
  • I've been going to Thomas for massages for over a year and every time I am more amazed at his sensitivity and skill. First massage he asked if I get headaches in my right eye...I was astounded that he could identify that from his initial visit with me . He is the best and I give him a rating right out of the ballpark!!!
    Jane S.
  • I received such a relaxing massage with just the right touch. Usually I have to ask for someone to work on my face but this was part of the treatment from Vanessa. Also she really is a good listener. I am sensitive and asked for a light touch massage which she obliged. Very good treatment! Highly recommended.
    Dale R
  • There is one reason to not give a good review. And that is this location is so wonderful and Vanessa is amazing. Now all of you are going to want to book appointments and make it more difficult for me to get in. Ha Ha But seriously - I have searched and searched since moving here to find the quality of massage I was used to. I have found it, and have no intention of looking any further. The business is wonderful, but it is the employees that make the business. Vanessa is so in tune to discovering your needs and has helped me so much. Thank you to the owners at Massage and Wellness for putting together an amazing team.
    Gayle W.
  • Shell seems to have magnets in her talented hands as she always finds and targets the trouble spots. She works through them and even though sometimes it is hard, I always receive relief because of her care, compassion and communication.
    Anita C.
  • Nathan is very professional and personable. He does a great job getting the kinks out of my neck and back. It is very relaxing. I highly recommend him. Call today! You wont be dissapointed!
    Susan M.
  • I was suffering from back pain for weeks. After just one visit to Addie I feel 80% better. She was very professional and knew just what pressure points and therapy I needed. I will definantly return for more therapy whenever needed.
    Sheila L.
  • Vanessa is a fabulous therapist. She works with my feedback during our session to determine where and what is the best treatment for me.
    Kathy J.
  • Jennifer gave me a facial today and it was extraordinary!! I am by no means a facial expert but I have never been so pampered in my life!!! I can't wait to come back for my next one!
    Tracy H.
  • Another awesome massage! Thanks Thomas!!!
    Jane S.
  • Best deep tissue massage ever. Thomas does a fabulous job. I have not found a better therapist any where else.
    Diane F.
  • Addie was just wonderful! Great professional and calming demeanor and an incredible massage therapist! I felt wonderful afterwards. I have already recommended her to others and plan on coming back myself.
    Phoebe B.
  • Vanessa is an incredible therapist! Her attention to detail and knowledge of musculature is astounding. She genuinely cares about the therapy of her clients and that bleeds into the quality of her work. I am committed to her because she is committed to making a difference!
    Eric S.
  • I've been here twice for massages and both times were wonderful! Anne knew exactly where most of my tension was and focused on those areas most. My days are pretty strenuous and she helped me loosen muscles and relieve stress! I highly recommend Anne for a massage.
    Melinda S.
  • My husband and I have an amazing couples massage, therapists were very nice and knowlegable! The place itself was clean and completely relaxing! Will definitely return again!
    Diana R.
  • I recently had a massage by J.J. and could not have been happier with my experience! Not only was the massage exceptional but J.J. was also willing to take time at the end to show me some ways to relieve tension and reduce my physical stress while at work (or home I do have 5 teenagers!). I appreciated the time and effort J.J. put forth to give me his undivided attention and best!!!
    Laura R.
  • I keep going back! Anne Michelle listens to my needs, checks in regularly to make sure I'm comfortable, and maintains a very relaxing atmosphere.
    Chelsea C.
  • Nathan did a great job! I have inflammation in my lower back. He is professional, personable, and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend him! Call today!
    Susie H.
  • Great place!! I think this place is the best one in Tampa. I´m very pleased with both the massage and facial. And the atmosphere is very nice and relaxing.
    Carina N.
  • Great massage! She took the time to listen to my wants and needs for my massage and followed through the whole massage. I have had so many massages where they don't listen to what I say that I want. She frequently asked through the massage if it was still good pressure. I obviously feel a little sore the next day but overall my back feels like everything has been released and I feel so much better!
    Marissa D.
  • Vanessa was wonderful. I had a lot of tension and pressure in my back and really did a great job of getting rid of that. I would definitely recommend.
    Matt D.
  • Faith was wonderful and I really enjoyed my appointment! Definitely booking a second!
  • I can't say enough good things about my visit to Massage Wellness & Spa yesterday. I came in limping from hip and low back pain and today I feel much better thanks to Amber! If your dealing with sore muscles and back pain, I highly recommend that you book an appointment today to see Amber.
    Jeff C.
  • I had a wonderful massage yesterday from Nathan. I was experiencing very tight muscles in my neck and shoulders with some pain. The muscles are much less tense today.
    Barbara H.
  • JJ gave me a very good and most professional massage. I have a strain under my shoulder blade and he worked through the area extensively. He also gave me some exercises to help in strengthening other muscles in future to help avoid further damage. I have booked another appointment for next week, I am delighted to have found such a good therapist.
    Carolyn N.
  • I have been to many massage therapist however, I have never recieved a relaxing yet, theraputic massage. Amazing, listens to exactly what you are saying and than applies it to helpung you through her massage. I prebook with Addie for once to twice a month...
    Patty P.
  • I haven't had a massage in years and this one was the best! Shell listened to what I had to say and when I voiced my problem areas she took everything into consideration and was very attentive. I will be back!
    Patty O.
  • I originally saw Addie with a gift card I'd gotten for my birthday. She listened to the issues I was having and tailored her massage to those issues. I felt nice and loose when I left, and she recommended a possible follow-up schedule. Then I had a different problem, and I needed to find someone who was available same day. Addie was not available, so I chose Vanessa, who had a time slot available that fit my schedule. Again, Vanessa listened to my issue and really worked on my neck and back. While the issue was not completely gone when I left, she significantly improved it and made suggestions for home care. I will definitely be back, and I'll probably flip a coin to decide whether I'll see Addie or Vanessa, because they were both really good.
    Heather K.
  • What originally drew me here was the great prices for waxes. What keeps me here is Jessica. I would highly recommend her to everyone. She is super friendly, makes your feel comfortable, genuine, and a REALLY goo esthetician. I used to fret going to get waxed each visit, but she makes it so quick and comfortable I no longer have this concern. Absolutely try her out!
    Kolleen M.
  • I met Jennifer for a 90 minute facial. I have had spa treatments all over the world. I never knew that in Largo, Florida I would find such a superb practitioner. She is among the finest I have ever experienced. Do not hesitate to give yourself the gift of a facial from Jennifer. Your skin will thank you. I for one, will be back. Thank you Jennifer!
    Lisa A.
  • I was so tense ... she soothed it all away. Very relaxing. Perfect blend of Swedish & deep tissue!! Will be back soon ?
    Shanta A.
  • Fabulously received what felt like a facelift after having experienced 3 of Jennifer's famous face peels over a period of 11 weeks. Since turning 63 3 months ago I had noticed my face needed emergency TLC. Started off as a gift to receive a facial at Massage and Wellness Spa, after first full facial I was hooked. I have received compliments such as wow you have this nice glow going on. Truly my skin has improved immensely over these last 11 weeks, feeling rejuvenation, revitalized, and truly feeling more energetically invigorated with a sense of confidence never before felt. Jennifer has inspired and empowered me to continue with my own facial maintenance along with a professional facial to keep the skin renewing. Her expertise and bonus head & facial massage are included putting one into a very relaxed state of well being. With gratitude thank you Jennifer for sharing your gifts and talents with my maturing skin to enhance that loss youthful glow to return once again....:-)
    Rebecca D.
  • I have had 3 massages in 3 weeks with JJ and he has alleviated all the muscle strain and tightness that I started with in the first two massages. He is very professional and I am amazed with the results. My golf game is back on course!
    Carolyn N.
  • I got a deep tissue massage from JJ and it was one of the best I've had in over 15 years of getting massages. I will be back for more!
    Chris W.
  • Faith is an excellent therapist. I have several problem areas and I have seen results in a relatively short period of time. I have been getting massages for many years and she is very knowledgeable and experienced in massage therapy. I highly recommend Faith. Gary H
    Gary H.
  • I have been to JJ several times now and every time I leave I feel so much better. More range of motion, less pain and all around satisfied. He listens to what is going on with my body and where the pain is and then focuses on those areas while rounding out the entire body. Highly recommend
    Tracy D.
  • My wife and I had the pleasure of a couples massage with Danielle and Addie. My massage focused on Deep Tissue and my wife enjoyed a Prenatal massage. We both thoroghly enjoyed our massages and will come back again. Definitely recommend Danielle and Addie to anyone who wants an amazing massage. You won't be disappointed.
  • This was the most relaxing massage I've ever had. Very professional
    Shelley c.
  • Faith was amazing. I left being very impressed. I would definitely recommend Faith and I am looking forward to the next one.
    Claudia B.
  • Faith is an excellent therapist. I have several problem areas and I have seen results in a relatively short period of time. I have been getting massages for many years and she is very knowledgeable and experienced in massage therapy. I highly recommend Faith.
    Gary H.
  • Enjoyable. Will be back! An hour never seems to be enough time!
    Lynn B.
  • I am thoroughly pleased with the services received yesterday. I am never disappointed with the quality care I receive here. Thank you ladies!
    Sandi F.
  • 4:30 on 6/15 - male, I'm a 50 year athlete, visiting from out of town, and came in due to an awkward fall, thinking my headache and neck pain was due to a neck muscle. He was able to quickly identify the culprit as being in the scapula area and fixed the issue quickly. My neck pain and headache were gone half way into the hour.
    Cassandra G.
  • I had a 90 minute fantastic massage with hot stones and bamboo this past Saturday. It was my third appointment of this wonderful blended massage with Addie. They have been not only very beneficial and healing,, but super relaxing, as well. Addie is a highly skilled therapist and a sweet, gentle, kind person. I look forward to my next appointment. Really so fabulous!
    Carol C.
  • Excellent, enjoyed the massage
    Alic B.
  • The massage
    Lori R.
  • Can't say enough good things about Thomas. Fabulous massage every time. He finds the areas in need & takes care of each and every one!
  • JJ gives the BEST massages! He always finds my trouble spots and asks how the pressure is. A+
    Leslie K.
  • He was excellent. Very professional and gave an excellent massage. He hit all my areas of concern and where I was sore. I felt like he listened to me. Thank you JJ
    Linda S.
  • Very good
    Carolyn H.
  • I tear and wear myself down and Thomas puts me back together. Thomas can always cure what ails me. Best massage therapist out there!
    Doreen A.
  • Addie has a hard to find wonderful technique, one of the best over my 20 years experience!
    Dianne R.
  • Wonderful! My skincare appointment was an absolute blast!
  • Vanessa gave me the very best massage I've ever had. She was very professional and paid attention to my high stress areas. I walked out feeling like a young person instead of my 71 years. I will be back - for sure!
    Pat W.
  • Patti made my first experience with a facial very pleasant and relaxing! I will definitely go back!!! 🙂
    Kate C.
  • Thomas was the best . He was highly knowledgeable . I was impressed with what he taught me about my body and how to take care of body in healthier ways. I definetely plan on returning so he can help decrease the pain and help my body heal Thank You
    Bernice M.
  • I came in for a prenatal massage because my back has been hurting and I had a headache for two days. Danielle was great. She made sure I was comfortable and relieved the tension in my head. It was a very relaxing hour and I will back be back.
    Danielle M.
  • Addie was wonderful! Very accommodating and friendly. I was comfortable from the start. The massage was excellent and she communicated well and accommodated me. Great experience! Will definitely be back!
    Alexandra B.
  • I had a great experience for my first visit here... I was very relaxed ! And the milk/lavender facial was amazing, my skin looked great. Everyone was very friendly ! I'll definitely be back 🙂
    Tiffeny R.
  • Massage was a gift. I was skeptical as I don't like my neck and back messed with. Delon changed my opinion about that. He is very knowledgeable about the muscles. Etc. and did a great job. Definitely will book again with him.
    Deb M.
  • Wow and wow. Never had a facial/hand/foot massage. I was so relaxed and my skin felt amazing. The products smelled amazing and my skin felt rejeuvenated. Between the massage from Delon and Patti's magic, I was a couch blob the rest of the day. So relaxed that I chose to remain that way the rest of the day abd savor it. Thank you for that. Definitely will rebook with Patti.
    Deb M.
  • Danielle has given me the best massages I have ever had. I have the sports massage; she listens, adapts the treatment to my issues and is effective. She is super strong and professional.
    Anne M.
  • this was my first facial and it was incredible! 4 days later my skin still looks and feels amazing!
    Sandy L.
  • Addie did a great job easing my pain in my problem areas. I especially like the addition of the hot stones. They really helped work through the pain areas. I look forward to a follow up visit.
    Debbie K.
  • JJ was great! Very professional, friendly, and talented. If youre looking for a deep pressure, deep tissue, melt the stress away massage, book with him!
  • Robert did a fabulous job of helping me regain movement and alleviate my back injury pain. I will highly recommend Robert to anyone suffering from standard to chronic pain!
    Barry W.
  • Patti provided a relaxing facial and my skin felt and looked smoother, looking forward to my next visit!
  • Addie made my sore shoulders & back mussels feel so much better. Loved the hand,foot & head part of the massage! We booked a couples massage & enjoyed it throughly, so much so we booked another one! We would highly recommend making this a part of your healthy lifestyle.
    Lynn Perez
  • My second visit with Addie. As with the first time, she really listened both to what I was saying and what my back "told" her. Well worth the visit.
    Heather K.
  • Great massage from Danielle. I've had many at various places and she really knows how to balance the pressure and lighter touch. I would recommend her!
    Steve S.
  • Outstanding understanding of tissue connectivity coupled with an amazingly accurate intuitive touch to seek out and resolve underlying issues.
    Bobby G.
  • The best massage I have received in years. Outstanding technique. Relaxing and very clean environment. He is awesome! Book your massage and you won't be disappointed.
  • My first visit did not disappoint! I had an amazing massage by Vanessa!!!! If your in the area and want a great massage this is the place to go! Thankfully where I normally frequent was booked so I decided to try this location - it's now moved to the top of my list and I will be back soon!!!
    Amber W.
  • Charlotte was very thorough and very courteous, very knowledgeable
    Marty B.
  • Thomas never fails me, when I am in for my massage. He has been working on me for about 10 years. As a more mature athlete, Thomas' expertise is highly important to me. His hands are purely magical, and his internal instincts knows exactly where to find my trouble spots and how to treat them. Thomas is highly recommended!
    Joanne R.
  • Thomas was very thorough to take time to listen to my requests and that I was comfortable. If you are in need for a deep tissue massage and have someone work out any kinks in your muscles, Thomas is the one to see.
  • I am new to the area and feel very fortunate that I was referred to Thomas. One of the best massage therapist I've ever had a session with...he customized the massage to what I needed. I feel confident that some long standing issues I've had with back and neck pain will be resolved. as I continue to book appointments.
    Tammie L.
  • Thomas is absolutely THE BEST!!! And don't know how, but he keeps getting better!!!!
    Jane S.
  • On a scale of 1-5 he earns a 6 !!!!!!
    Rick S.
  • Had a lymphatic drainage/massage combo. It was wonderful. I would recommend anyone with lymph system and/or holding water issues to try this combo. Not only very relaxing but really therapeutic
    Chris H.
  • 8/15/17 - When I came into see Charlotte yesterday, I could hardly lift my arm because of tightness in my shoulder. Immediately after my session, my should felt 100 times better than it did. I will definitely be returning for another massage. Thank you Charlotte.
    S Woodruff
  • Vanessa did an amazing job. She made sure I felt comfortable the entire time.
    Danielle M.
  • I started my Birthday with a massage., what's better than that?!!! J. J. gave me a fantastic massage and made my day!
    Sandi K.
  • I'm a RN and am constantly bending, lifting and moving throughout my shifts at work. I had a lot of tension and tightness in my back. Danielle was fantastic!!!!! She did a great job loosing up my muscles and relieving some of the pain that I was enduring. I would definitely come back and see her again. Thank you so much Mary
    Mary H.
  • The best massage I've ever had!
    Karen H.
  • As always, Addie listened to my issues and addressed them during our session. She gave suggestions for things to do between sessions to help reduce my issues.
    Heather K.
  • First and foremost, Thomas is the quintessential massage therapist! I knew the very first time that he was going to be amazing because I told him I just needed him to concentrate on one part of the body. His answer was indeed spot on, he said "Suzie, I have to treat the entire body because its all connected!" Before Thomas, I was always exhausted after a massage, but I went to work right after having a massage and felt GREAT. I am sooo excited because the next time I go we are going to do aromatherapy touch massage-yay You rock Thomas, but don't get so busy I loose my spot!!!
    Suzie H.
  • Wow was he good! Thomas asked lots of questions in order to better help you. Had a very good overall understanding of how the body works! When I left many of the knots were gone and my range of motion was so much better. Already have another appointment scheduled.
    Al W.
  • I went in wanting to relax, and Addie did a great job. I've had several massages there, and everyone is wonderful. Thanks
    Peppermin R.