Ryan Hoover

Team Information

 Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

Ryan is passionate about helping people look, move and feel younger! He believes that is the quickest route for people to achieve their happiest, healthiest lives. His qualifications include: Certified as a Personal Trainer since 2014, a Senior Fitness Specialist since 2015, a certified Nutrition Coach in 2018, and achieved his Corrective Exercise certification in 2020.

Ryan specializes in helping middle-aged and senior folks move easier and better, by correcting bad postural habits and common muscle imbalances, leading to an increased quality of life!

Many folks want to be able to do the things they used to love but now don’t feel able to do, such as being able to really play with kids, grandkids, dogs, go on long walks at the beach, or take a bike ride on the Pinellas Trail. Ryan doesn’t think retirement should be about just sitting around. He’s been known to say “Shouldn’t we spend our golden years doing all the things we love to do?”

Ryan and his wife Selma have two sons, Lucas and Ian. They enjoy swimming, parks, beaches and anything outdoors!