Nessie Johnson

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 Stretchologist and Yoga Instructor
 Practitioner #:

I have been a yoga instructor for the past 10 years, a personal trainer for 5 years, and have recently obtained my certification in Sports Nutrition. I have over 20,000 hours of yoga instruction, and 1,500 hours of assisted stretching using PNF and my official release as part of my stretching techniques. I am very happy to offer my skills to help you meet your wellness goals.

My specialty is helping people who feel that they are “broken”, and getting results in the first session to gain new range of motion and flexibility through assisted stretching. I enjoy helping people learn how to connect with their body and mind during Private Yoga sessions. I am passionate about

helping people reach their health goals which helps them to get back to a better quality of life.

Benefits of Assisted Stretching:

  1. Increases Range of Motion
  2. Reduces Stiffness
  3. Reduces Stress
  4. Increases Flexibility
  5. Improves Physical Performance

Private Yoga sessions are for people who are:

  1. Trying Yoga for the first time
  2. Need help creating a structure for personal practice
  3. Prefer a greater level of guidance or more personalized experience
  4. Prefer individual attention to alignment and breathing
  5. Want to learn about philosophy, relaxation or meditation
  6. Interested in focusing on a particular pose or group of poses
  7. Looking to learn how to modify poses for your body or work more skillfully with (non-acute) injury
  8. Are busy and just want to set your own class times
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