Max Thompson

Team Information

 Licensed Massage Therapist
 Practitioner #: MA87590

I understand that each client is unique, which is why with every new client an individual assessment is made and discussed to establish and tailor massage treatments that will optimize benefits and make the experience as relaxed as possible to gain optimum, long-term, effective results.

My massage sessions are a systematic series of treatments designed to counteract harmful muscle imbalances. Chronic conditions develop over time and will often need multiple sessions to change the patterns and posture of your body. With the repetitiveness of occupation and daily activities, muscular imbalances can be created by overuse of certain muscles and under use of others. This imbalance will often result in symptoms of pain or numbness, which is what I am working to fix and prevent. These conditions include possible scar-tissue, contracted shortened muscles and muscle tissue that just lacks proper circulation or range of motion. Our treatment sessions have the potential to improve on soft tissue injury and dysfunction, helping your body return to its normal pain free function.

If you have pain symptoms and prefer increased pressure, let us discuss the benefits of Deep Tissue Massage, as well as Trigger Point Therapy. Deep Tissue Massage improves muscle function, range of motion, breaks up scar tissue and adhesions, release toxins and improves blood and oxygen circulation. I can also help with Trigger Point Therapy, a fibrotic knot release techniques along with stretching to address the areas of dysfunction that cause and refer the pain. My goal is to find the root cause of pain and work with you to eliminate it and continue our sessions to address imbalances as they arise.