Max Thompson

Team Information

 Licensed Massage Therapist
 Practitioner #: MA87590

I understand that each client is unique, which is why with every new client an individual assessment is made and discussed to establish and tailor massage treatments that will optimize benefits and make the experience as relaxed as possible to gain optimum, long-term, effective results.

My massage sessions are a systematic series of treatments designed to counteract harmful muscle imbalances. Chronic conditions develop over time and will often need multiple sessions to change the patterns and posture of your body. With the repetitiveness of occupation and daily activities, muscular imbalances can be created by overuse of certain muscles and under use of others. This imbalance will often result in symptoms of pain or numbness, which is what I am working to fix and prevent. These conditions include possible scar-tissue, contracted shortened muscles and muscle tissue that just lacks proper circulation or range of motion. Our treatment sessions have the potential to improve on soft tissue injury and dysfunction, helping your body return to its normal pain free function.

Customer Reviews of
Max Thompson

Amazing experience from the appointment placement to the facials and massages. I surprised my girlfriend with the couples massage and facial package for our anniversary yesterday. First, Hannah understood the assignment when I called in asking for this package and how can we get an appointment only 2 days prior. She scheduled us with Kayla and Max. When we got there, we filled out the questionnaire and they actually read them on the spot and then talked to us about them once we got into the hallway leading to our room. The facial by Kayla was great. We left with our faces feeling soft and refreshed. We highly recommend her. Now the part I personally was excited about, the massage. Max knows what he’s doing with his hands and arms. My gf has a few physical issues from accidents and he addressed them and even made my gf cry happy tears because she got full range of motion in her arm that was hurting so badly. Max went to town on my back, knowing I work at a desk all day. I felt great all day and I’m feeling sore today but it was well worth it. If you’re hesitant on this location, I say give them a try. Check Groupon for any deals if you’re worried about the price. You won’t be disappointed.

David Khaj
Tasha ZakalaTasha Zakala
21:34 13 Nov 21
After having a negative massage experience a few years back I decided to give it another try. I purchased a Groupon for a relaxation massage here. Veronica was exceptional. She made me feel comfortable and was very communicative about the process, my comforts and discomforts. I will absolutely schedule again with Veronica.
Meredith WoocikerMeredith Woociker
23:06 09 Nov 21
Kayla is so knowledgeable and addressed all my skin concerns. She lets me know exactly what she’s putting on my skin and how it will help. She really knows her products. She’s very cheerful & pleasant to be around as well. For now on, I’m only seeing Kayla when I go in!
14:33 27 Oct 21
Kayla, was incredibly knowledgeable with recommending products that would work best for my specific skin type. Went to see her two weeks ago and I am noticing my skin has a radiant glow and I said goodbye to blackheads on my nose!!! Loving the results!!!!! Can’t wait for more facials to come. Yes, to self-love!!!!
Magan VarnadoreMagan Varnadore
12:20 21 Aug 21
I have seen Sarah four times now for my skin care and she is absolutely amazing! Sarah is so sweet and caring and really listens to your concerns. After just the first visit she sent me home with very specific instructions and recommendations to achieve my skin care goals and I have had positive results since day one! 110% would recommend!!
Danielle DoddDanielle Dodd
04:35 14 Jul 21
I had my first ever facial 2 weeks ago with Sarah of Skin Savvy Sarah. I was a little apprehensive at first but Sarah was so bubbly and sweet that I instantly felt at ease.The facial itself was amazing. One of those things you didn't know you were missing out on until you tried it. I didn't know what to expect. I figured it would be a time of relaxation and that I would leave with soft skin, but had little expectations past that. Was I ever in for a surprise!I had acne as a teenager but thankfully it cleared up as I became an adult. The last few months I've had all these tiny bumps show up on my cheeks, under the skin and I had no luck getting rid of them completely. When i left my appointment there wasn't a bump to be found and two weeks later, not a single one has popped back up!I've also been cursed with giant pores on my nose and it's always been something I've been self conscious of. Leaving my appointment I didn't have a single viable pore on my nose. I still keep checking in the mirror and can't believe that they are practically invisible!One of the things I loved about Sarah was her passion for her work. She not only did a phenomenal job of doing the facial but she was very helpful and educated me on HOW to properly wash my face and what ingredients to look for in products I put on my face. She hooked me up with some products to try- an acne face wash and a skin gel and they are fantastic.I can't get over how smooth, soft, clear, and glowing my skin is now! I'm obsessed about it!An absolutely amazing experience. Five stars. 10/10. Could not recommend enough! Can't wait for my next visit!