Maureen Petrovic

Team Information

 Licensed Massage Therapist
 Practitioner #: MA85761

I have always had a passion for helping others and facilitating healing through fitness, massage and wellness. My job is to help you learn how you can help yourself through different obstacles that deal with pain, posture, mobility and strengthening.  One of the most important things that I have learned throughout my studies and clinical experience is the body is able to heal but we must put ourselves in the right environment for it to heal, and that’s where I can help. Whether it is relaxation, therapeutic or deep tissue, my job is to find out what modality will work with you and your needs. I am a kind and gentle spirit and my approach to massage is less about causing pain with change and allowing the body to change at its own pace. You should always leave me feeling better than when you came in. 

The Relaxing Ashiatsu Room

Ashiatsu – also known as Barefoot Shiatsu, Back Walking, or Gliding Feet Massage – is a type of barefoot bodywork where the practitioner uses the heel, sesamoid, arch, and/or whole plantar surface of the feet to give the massage. The name comes from the combination of two Japanese words: ashi, meaning “foot” and atsu, meaning “pressure.”

The technique uses deep strokes given with the massage therapists’ feet. It’s considered to be less stressful for the patient’s body than many other massage techniques because pressure from the feet is spread out over a wider area than it would be if applied by the fingers, heel of the hand, or elbow. Ashiatsu stimulates the circulatory system and targets the deepest layers of muscle, joints and bones, in order to provide relief of pain.

Ashiatsu barefoot massage is a holistic treatment that works on the mind, body and spirit, stimulating the body’s energy and enhancing one’s natural ability for self-healing. It is commonly used to treat dense muscle tissue problems and chronic pains, back and hip issues, as well as for deep relaxation.

Customer Reviews of
Maureen Petrovic

Maureen gave me a very soothing and relaxing massage. My whole body felt great after her relaxation massage.

Deborah Terepka

Excellent! What a relaxing day at the spa. Maureen is very good st what she does. I really hated to leave.


I’ve been to Maureen several times and she is so sweet and is always concerned with what my needs are that day. I started with her during the time I had major shoulder/ neck/ back issues (while in PT). She was very attentive to the areas that needed the most help. I highly recommend her.


Maureen was amazing! I enjoyed my relaxation massage. I will definitely be back


Maureen gave me a very soothing and relaxing massage. My whole body felt great after her relaxation massage.