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 Registered Nurse, Reiki Practitioner
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My passion for holistic healing practices and the Spirit-Mind-Body connection can be traced back to my Christian up-bringing. I am fascinated by the power of prayer with the laying on of hands.
During nursing school, I was drawn to psychiatric-mental health nursing and Hildegard Peplau’s theory of interpersonal relationships.
As a psychiatric-mental health nurse, I am an active participant in the therapeutic relationship with my patient. My primary tool is my use of self. I practice being present, actively listening and supporting my patient in his healing journey.
I am committed to promoting overall health and balance by offering Reiki healing sessions locally at Massage and Wellness Spa, and globally through Distant Reiki healing sessions.
Reiki is a spiritual healing practice facilitated by a light touch or hands hovering a few inches above your body. Reiki treatments address the whole body, not just individual symptoms. Reiki brings stress reduction, pain relief, decreased anxiety, promotes sleep, and improves digestion. Reiki supports our well-being and strengthens our natural ability to heal by encouraging balance.
Reiki requires no belief, simply the willingness to experience the healing benefits Reiki has to offer. A Reiki healing session is conducted on a standard massage table. You remain fully dressed for the session, so wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing.
During a Reiki session, your system shifts into parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) dominance. When the PNS is dominant, your body is in rest & digest mode. This means your body’s priority is to recover, to heal, to deeply nourish & restore itself.
I am proficient in Tai Chi for Arthritis for Fall Prevention, and am always looking to challenge myself by teaching the program.
Tai Chi is an ancient practice proven to reduce pain and improve your mental and physical wellbeing.
Dr. Paul Lam developed the Tai Chi for Arthritis for Fall Prevention program using gentle Sun Style Tai Chi routines that are safe, easy to learn and suitable for every fitness level.
Tai Chi will help you:
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve balance and flexibility
  • Feel relaxed
  • Improve your overall mind, body and spirit.
Medical studies confirm the Tai Chi for Arthritis for Fall Prevention program relieves pain, decreases falls and improves quality of life.
I am currently marketing a product that compliments the healing done during Reiki and Tai Chi sessions.
This technology is clinically proven to provide the body with a level of health and vitality that you haven’t experienced since you were in your youth.
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