Effective: December 01, 2021

We will continue offering most of our session types, as well as packages and discounts.

  • Average session will be $85 per hour
  • Upgrades/Specialty sessions will be $15 additional 
  • All of Thomas’ sessions will be considered Specialty
  • $10 discount for guests returning within 30 days
  • $50 discount on packages of 5 sessions
  • Monthly Special Offers
  • Birthday Discounts
  • Anniversary Discounts

We are hopeful you understand we need to make these changes in order to provide you with the quality of service you deserve and continue helping you feel your best!

Here for you in 2022 …

Massage & Wellness Spa

NOTE: SUBMITTING REQUEST A SESSION DOES NOT CONFIRM YOUR APPOINTMENT. REQUEST A SESSION will be confirmed by one of our staff and is not scheduled until such time.

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