Our Team - Licensed Massage Therapists

Licensed Massage Therapist & Physical Therapist Assistant

Thomas Rossewey

Licensed Massage Therapist

Megan Harvey

Licensed Massage Therapist

Veronica Wainwright

Licensed Massage Therapist

Sandy Ocampos

Licensed Massage Therapist

Maureen Petrovic

Licensed Massage Therapist and Physical Therapist Assistant

Darryl Langston

Licensed Massage Therapist

Shelbie Degener

Licensed Massage Therapist

Lacey Host

Licensed Massage Therapist

Max Thompson


Licensed Esthetician

Sandy Ocampos

Licensed Esthetician

Crystal Wells

Licensed Esthetician

Kayla Hudson 

Licensed Esthetician

Kaya Walker

Fitness, Personal Training

Stretchologist and Yoga Instructor

Nessie Johnson

Certified Personal Trainer & Nutrition Coach

Ryan Hoover

Certified Personal Trainer/Exercise Specialist

David Somers

Chiropractic / Acupuncture

Doctor of Chiropractic, Certified in Acupuncture

Dr. Erika Haire-Nino

Customer Reviews of Our Team

  • I am so thankful for the therapy as it is relieving my pain and stressed muscles. I appreciate this place!!
    Lori K.
  • I had a wonderful experience and left feeling great. Ty, ty,
    Laura C.
  • I never get massages because I'm in constant pain since I was in a car accident, but my daughter gave me this one and I'm so glad I came! It was amazing, I loved my experience; everyone was super professional and we will come back
    Monica L.
  • After my massage and candling yesterday I felt wonderful, I slept like a baby and I’m still feeling the benefits today. Thank you so much!! What a great experience.
    Kathy V.
  • Great couples massage! Hope to come back.
    Brenna S.
  • My massage was awesome! The place is nice and neat and I love how efficient the online booking and sign in process is. I haven?t felt so relaxed and pampered before- I had just the perfect amount of relaxation and deep tissue massage. I will be back and definitely recommend to all my friends.
    Kate M.
  • Wonderful!
    Stacey H.
  • Very courteous and attentive about my needs and pains from past injuries. I found this massage to be very helpful.
    Robert B.
  • The experience was the best I have had other massages and no one has got my neck that it could turn while driving without the stiffness. Great work Danielle.
    Agnes S.
  • It was a wonderful 60 minutes! Perfect pressure & my many knots sure got loosen up. Looking forward to coming back the next time I’m in town.
    Amy M.
  • Wonderful – already feel better.
    Lisa L.
  • Wonderful massage. He did an excellent job working on all my knots!!
    Savannah S.
  • I continue to get better. My flexibility is increasing and I am back playing golf on a fairly regular basis.
    Laurin L.
  • Very friendly staff, very clean and a place to relax. I enjoyed my massage. Hope to be back again soon. Would give this place a 5 star for sure.
    Ellen Nelissen
  • Was a great massage.
    Nancy V.
  • Wonderful I’d like to take him home to Canada with me. He even could identify my posture issue and recommended what could be done. When asked a question he did not know the information on he did not hesitate to say he wasn’t familiar with that topic. The essential oil treatment was unbelievable. Highly recommend this spa and person.
    Margaret L.
  • Everything was terrific.
    Len L.
  • Great as always, took care of my shoulder
    Laura S.
  • Great fix for my lower back and shoulder pain.
    Richard B.
  • Absolutely 100% satisfied. Completely relaxed and refreshed. A great way to start the weekend. Will definitely be returning. Thank you so much.
    Amanda M.
  • Wonderful first time! Very happy with the full body massage!
    Donna S.
  • Largo location had couples massage will be back again they have a wonderful staff and work well together
  • Great, relaxing place to forget all your troubles for a little while and enjoy a great massage. Highly recommended.
    Jenny T.
  • the massage was great. Felicia was awesome
    Judy L Rhodes
  • Great Experience!
    Sladjan V.
  • It was awesome!
    April D.
  • Very professional.
    Adam A.
  • First time at massage and wellness SPA. Service was great, massage was better. Nice place if you are looking for professional services.
    Pat Wolfe
  • As our first time visit we were very pleased with the excellent service.and definitely come back again!
    Peter KOCH
  • We came to the spa for a couples massage and thoroughly enjoyed it! I am pregnant and it was my first time having a prenatal massage. It was hands down the absolute best massage I have ever had in my life and my husband would also agree! I would highly recommend this spa to anyone in the area!
    Bree and Chris
  • Nice job. Was able to work out some of the "kink's" appearing in my neck!
  • Very experienced therapist. Felt rejuvenated after the massage. Would definitely book another massage with him.
  • Being out of town and after a long drive, a friend recommended Thomas to work out my kinks and pains. Not only was he successful, professional, and friendly, he taught me some exercises that would help me. I have more travel ahead of me and will come back through the Largo area for another visit on the way home. I only wish he was living and working in my hometown.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Massage and Wellness Spa. Massage was fabulous and very relaxing. I will definitely be recommending the spa to my friends and will be having more services done there. Pat
    Pat Patterson
  • I have been to massage and wellness 2 x now and both experiences have been amazing! Professional friendly service. Treat yourself and/or a friend.
  • Arielle was so professional. I had a Brazil wax and was very pleased with it!
    Jan Kokernot
  • BEST I have had!
    Jerry Jiovani
  • Amazing, relaxing, wonderful!
    Candy Jiovani
  • 5 Star ......*****.......off the charts...life changing ... fabulous in every way !!!!!!!!!!. Thomas is THE BEST massage therapist, because he is a physical therapist and he understands the anatomy and physiology of the body to the Nth degree. He is a great communicator and teacher, and has helped me understand my body better, why he does what he does .and has taught me stretches I can do at home in between appointments. I have never experienced such a dramatic improvement in my symptoms from any other practitioner. THANK YOU, THOMAS!!!
    Rick Saunders
  • My massage was excellent, Awesome. I really don't no what more to say.
    Cynthia Darling
  • My message was exactly what I needed!! Very relaxing and would definitely recommend Massage & Wellness Spa to anyone!!
    Luz Flores
  • In spite of our being very late, the staff was very kind, professional and gracious. Both of us thoroughly enjoyed our massages and facials. The massage therapist asked good questions and knew just what to do to address our particular issues. We felt relaxed and renewed!
    Grace Stalley & Paula Zellinger
  • Great massage!! Yes, I was sore the day after, but it was not unexpected. My knots and tights muscles were well worked on. I will be back!!
  • Arielle is warm, kind, and professional. The facial she gave me was delightful. Her touch was soothing and relaxing and the products left me with a wonderful clean and hydrated feeling. I highly recommend. Thank you Arielle!
    Rachel Alexander
  • I had the BEST massage EVER with Addy (sp?). I am a bit of a massage connoisseur and a lot like Goldilocks - I dont like it too hard or too soft - this massage was just right. Also Ive had other massages where the room temp wasnt right, there were odd smells (like the therapist had just smoked or ate onions for lunch etc...) or the music was too loud or odd or too much a of a talker. NOT THE CASE HERE! Everything was PERFECT! I had a kink in my neck from sleeping wrong which is why I went in. But she helped my TMJ and tennis elbow as well! I will make a monthly apt. with her and ditch my doctor! I used a groupon so I wasnt expecting much but WOW!!!!! Would HIGHLY recommend!!!!!!!!
    Katrina Urbano
  • We had a very relaxing time Saturday during our couples massage. Definitely coming back and recommending.
    Luke Barnes
  • love the massage and interaction from the massage therapist, she was very friendly and engaging, made me feel very comfortable.
    Sophine Burton
  • It is easy to make appointments and has good parking. All the staff is great and very knowledgeable. I have been coming for follow-ups each month for the last 6 months.
    Victor A. Torres
  • I am very impressed with this place. It's clean and the massage tables are comfortable. I've been receiving massages for over 30 years and Thomas is the best. He listens to your issues and works within your tolerance level.
    Laurie Elder
  • Great massage. Really enjoyed it. My boyfriend and I had a wonderful couples massage. The therapist were very professional.
  • Veronica was GREAT!!! will absolutely be back!! Look forward to future massages with her.
    Judy Olinger
  • I went for a massage with Daniela recently. Don't let her young looks fool you. She is very experienced & hits the hi notes. She was punctual with my appointment time as well.
    Christine Goshorn
  • Great staff, great prices and convenient location.
    Lorraine Quintero
  • A wonderful massage and facial yesterday! I will be back!
    Lori Corrao
  • Had a wonderful relaxing 1 hour massage and 1 hour facial. Magic fingers for both of our therapists. Would definitely do it again.
    Loretta Johnston
  • Easy to schedule. Daniela Schiano did a great job balancing relaxation and deep tissue massage.
    Lisa K Baker
  • My first skin service here and Arielle was very considerate to be sure I was comfortable during the procedure and explained the service and other services in detail. Looking forward to my next appointment.
    Jana W
  • My massage was great. I would defiantly recommend this place. I will be back for another massage in the future. Thank you.
    Luis P.
  • My wife purchased this as a surprise gift - and it was awesome. Daniela did a wonderful job and was knowledgeable and professional. She talked about what she was doing and asked questions to further understand my problem areas. We were in town on holiday, but I would definitely recommend this service to anyone. The online appointment and questionnaire ahead of time, made the day of hassle free. thank you!
    Todd Niccum
  • Oh what a relief after treatment! Pain level much improved!!
  • I have never felt this good after a massage. Daniela really knows her way around the skeletal structure and how to fix what's ailing you. Will definitely be back.
    Andrea F
    Cheryl A Pacheco
  • Fabulous!
    Gerri Arthur
  • I had a tough time in Jan. and was tense. My muscles reflected it. Veronica did a great job working out the knots. Thank you!
  • Daniela gave me a great customized massage that fit my needs.
    Doreen A.
  • My first visit and it won't be my last! I had a facial treatment from Arielle several days ago and I am still looking in the mirror thinking how much better my skin looks. I have had quite a few facials in the past and this treatment, so far, was the best. Arielle will be my go to person from now on.
    Maureen O.
  • Max was very very good in my deep tissue massage. He worked on specific areas that I requested and I feel much better today in my lower back. I have already scheduled another session.
    Thomas Bryan H.
  • Great couples massage!
  • Great massage
  • Fantastic location for massage therapy, and they offer a great variety of techniques to help with pain or whatever you might need. Place for healing, and with the specials they run it's a no-brainer to give them a try.
  • Veronica is amazing! With her background in physical therapy and her incredibly strong hands, she was literally perfect for me. I’m a very large man with lots of muscle mass and numerous old injuries. Veronica listened to my concerns and exceeded my expectations.
    Will K.
  • This was my first time using your services and both my husband and I left saying that it was the best experience we have had. Max, my massage therapist, was able to pinpoint an issue I have from a car accident and help me to heal it. The massage was also relaxing and a wonderful way to take care of myself. We will definitely be back for more.
  • Max does very well, communicating with me and my issues. His deep tissue massages feel great and my lower back area is doing much better without pain. I have appointments set for every two weeeks.
    B. Hallman
  • “Danny” did a great job.
    Rickey Thrasher
  • Great massage. Enjoyed it very much. Veronica was very good!
    Lisa R.
  • I went in for specific pain in my right shoulder and neck. Boy it hurt so good. She really got it there and I feel the difference today. Thank you Veronica. I'll be back.
    Raya V.
  • Oh! How I needed this! I thoroughly enjoyed having a relaxing massage to melt away so much of the pain. The atmosphere was perfect. The service was wonderful. Additionally, great communication to ensure I received what I needed. Thanks to the experience!
    Kaella's Mom
  • Veronica was very good! The day before, it took me about an hour before I could lift my right arm! This morning it only took couple minutes! I will be going to see her again! She was also very nice and pleasant!
    Géraldine Esligar
  • Message and Wellness Spa in Largo is my new favorite place. I was introduced to this spa via my neice's wedding party;They had a day there in September 2018 & it was a great experience. All of the wedding party had massages and gal pal fun but the spa didn't think they spoiled Grace (my daughter) enough so they gave her a gift card to apologize. Grace sincerely had a great experience and didn't think the card was necessary but that speaks to the professionalize of this spa and their expectations of your experience. We put the gift card to work today! Grace loved a 30-Minute message and we were given great tips to keep her muscles healthy when she is training for swim. JJ is my new favorite friend! He is a very well educated and experienced in his craft. He has a wonderful balance of a soft strength that leaves you feeling remarkable. His attention to detail on the aftercare going forward was over and beyond my expectations. I will definitely be a repeat client to this spa!
    Amanda Lauser
  • A very nice looking Wellness Spa, clean and quiet.
    Anita Platt
  • We booked a first time Couple's Massage for our Anniversary can't say enough how professional and enjoyable it was we already booked another individual massage each thanks for a most enjoyable experience
    Carolyn Phillips
  • Both my Facial and my Massage were fantastic! Very professional and relaxing! Highly recommend! Thank you!
    Lisa Curtiss
  • I have been to this spa a couple of times so far-very relaxing , warm, and inviting. Addie is my wonderful massage therapist-she is very receptive to your needs and wishes. They also carry some doTerra essential oils for purchase. I am very satisfied with my services here.
    Ginny Masson
  • kind of sore today great job
    Annie George