Nathan Collins | Licensed Massage Therapist

Wake up with severe discomfort in your neck and you don't know why? Aching that won't go away after some physical exercise? How about a long term injury or medical condition leaving your muscles stiff? Nathan has seen it all and is here to help you understand the where, what, and why of muscular pain. Trained by the legendary Mark Dumars (aka the Dr. House of massage), Nathan is a Myofascial Specialist and is experienced in a wide range of muscular issues. Everything from common strains, chronic headaches, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel and sciatica, to complicated injuries for veterans and accidents. He's worked on all sorts of clients with medical conditions such as cancer, MS, and diabetes and is comfortable working with even the most high risk clientele. If there is one thing he excels at the most it would be deciphering the cause of any "mystery pain" you are experiencing, no matter how long you've had it.

So what is Myofascial Release and how is it different from a regular massage? Well it all starts with a material in your body called Fascia. Ever cut open raw meat and seen those little strings when you peel it apart? How about the thick white threading in beef jerky? Those are both fascia, and you can see it can transform from a liquid to a solid. Fascia is kind of like the WD-40 for your body, it keeps the muscle fibers from causing friction so you don't catch on fire during your morning jog. The problem is fascia coagulates, kind of like maple syrup. This can be caused by a number of reasons, the most common being posture (especially sleep and work posture). Some other examples include dehydration, injury, repetitive motion, rapid weight gain/loss, and atrophy. So what ends up happening is the fascia begins to thicken and stick to the muscles. Often times it will pool at certain spots like the start or end of the muscle. If enough builds up it becomes a fascial adhesion or what is commonly referred to as a knot. Myofascial work is the manipulation of this fascia. Breaking up the adhesion and separating it from the muscles. "Go deep not hard" is the best way to describe the pressure used in this way. Once the fascia is released there is a lot less resistance in the individual muscle fibers, not only increasing the range of motion but often giving a feeling like the muscles weigh less.

It is not uncommon to feel like you are floating after a session with Nathan 🙂

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  • Was having neck/shoulder pains for several days, was able to get a same day appt. with Nathan. He did a great job. I do plan on scheduling another massage with him very soon.
    sally curran
  • Nathan is an amazing therapist. He is professional, personable, and professional in every way. He knows exactly how to get the knots out of my back and neck. I highly recommend him without reservation. Call today for your appointment!
    Susan M. Hensoldt
  • Nate was incredible with his style. I'm an experienced "massagee" and he had techniques that i had not experienced before! I feel wonderful!
    Linda Mickel