Mark Hayward | Licensed Massage Therapist

Florida State License Massage Therapist

Certified Health Coach and Nutritional Therapist

Personal Trainer

I have been a working Massage Therapist since 2010. Carrying certifications in Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular, and Swedish therapies. I’ve been blessed with a lot of work, which continues to be most rewarding, and life changing.

Gratefully, it wasn’t only my life that changed. Assisting another person’s transformation to that of better well-being, ignites a spark in most Massage Therapist, that makes us really love our jobs! It’s what fuels us to continuously learn and expand our craft. We strive to provide our clients with a truly holistic approach to Health and Well-Being. It becomes a passion.

Most of my background consists of working in clinical settings with Chiropractors and a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. Although I specialize in Medical Massage, I have always maintained Spa work experience because I believe it makes for a winning combination. I often mix a variety of techniques within my sessions, in the attempt to adhere to my clients’ present wants and needs. As my sessions tend to lean heavily on Myofascial Release skills, my work is patient, focused and intentional.

Understanding the patterns of Healing, I know the importance of approaching each client as an individual. Although physiologies are very similar in many ways, no two are exactly alike. Therefore, all of my sessions are customized. This is especially true with my Strength and Conditioning instruction class. The program is called Foundational Fitness, and is rooted in the development of postural integrity and mind-body connection.

As a Health Coach and Nutritional Therapist, I offer guidance to bridge the gap between any of the “latest health crazes”, and my clients personal needs so they can make safe and healthy choices. I also offer assistance with creating a lifestyle of Well-Being.

Qi-gong and Meditation have been central to my practice for nearly two decades and I’m pleased to offer private instruction in these immensely profound healing works. The forms passed on are of authentic Chinese lineage and are designed to introduce a person to the basics of qi-gong, restoring fluidity to the neck, waist and back areas (who doesn’t need that?).

“Massage is a team sport” I often say. Facilitating a connection with my clients and a Healing experience, should be at the heart of every session. It is my #1 priority. Hope to connect with you soon.



  • Medical Massage
  • Myofascial Release
  • Neuromuscular Therapy
  • Postural Corrections
  • Strength Conditioning
  • Qi-Gong & Meditation

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  • Everyone
  • J.J. Tyler
  • Mark Hayward
  • Robert King
  • Thomas Rossewey
  • Mark is one of the best massage therapists I have ever worked with in over 20+ years of getting massages. He is very kind hearted and very receptive to what I need done. He also truly cares about his clients. After his massage I always feel so much better. I would recommend him in a heart beat.
    Patty Gu
  • Thank you Mark, you are the best. Helping me get moving again after surgery, Everyone is awesome.
    Barbara Glaser
  • Mark is nothing short of AMAZING! He is professional, personable, and extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of massage. He knows exactly what I need and works through every sore muscle with his treatment plan. I highly recommend him. Call today and schedule an appointment, you will be glad you did!
    Susan M. Hensoldt
  • Mark Hayward is a knowledgeable and experienced massage therapist. I recently moved to the area, and I was experiencing a lot of pain from a previous accident. I had already been to a massage therapist in the area, and it was a bad experience. Thus, I was cautious about booking a massage with Mark. However, when I met Mark my mind was put at ease. The thing that impressed me the most about my first visit was the time Mark took to hear about my condition and examine me before beginning the massage. He also had the experience to adjust the type of massage he performed according to how my body responded. The time he takes each session to hear my concerns and work toward healing is something I am confident he exhibits with all his patients. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a massage. His knowledge and experience is evident and far above average. Thank you Mark!
    Joy C.
  • I have been getting massages from Mark Haywood for almost a year now, I started with Deep tissue ( oh so good). I am extremely happy with the results. I move better and have more energy. Mark is amazing, thank you for everything you have done for me. Everyone is so nice, such a calming place.
    Barbara G.
  • This was my second session at Massage and Wellness Spa. The masseuse (Mark Hayward) and I do highly recommend him but he was unavailable. My second visit was with Robert. He recommended the "World Fusion" package for my symptoms and his suggestion was just what I needed. I will absolutely be returning.
    Cameron H.
  • Mark, is absolutely amazing, and extremely knowledgeable. I have had so many different issues with my body and Mark has never failed me, he has always amazed me with always having the perfect massage techniques & able to work out and correct all of my issues, I have never left disappointed, always left feeling comfort & relaxed.
  • As usual, Mark did a great job working on my problem areas. I can't say enough about how much Mark has helped me the last couple of years. Thank you!!
    Judy C.
  • Mark will give you the kind of massage that you need. He will help you feel a lot better.
    Barbara R.
  • Mark tries very hard to make the massage a pleasant experience, and to take care of any problems you may have. He is also recommended exercises for me to help open up my shoulders and chest area. I really appreciate his hard work and enjoy the massages.
    Barbara R.
  • Maintenance massages, every month has been great!
    Mark B.
  • Words escape me! Just WOW!!! Have had many massages, but never one like Mark’s. He is amazing. He knew exactly what I needed and addressed all the issues. I can not wait for my next session!!! Thank you Mark!!!
    Sherry B.
  • My massage was awesome as always and I tell my friends if they want a great massage, go to Massage Wellness Spa and have Mark do their massage.
    Sally A.
  • Mark is great at finding and treating my trouble spots. He even gives me tips for stretches to try at home between appointments. Very professional and talented!
    Kayte R.
  • I saw Mark for a massage once before, and loved it, but the second time was even better! He knew just what areas to work on me, to relieve my tension. I felt great when he was done, and hope to go back again soon!
    Christina W.
  • Mark is a terrific massage therapist. In addition to great technique, Mark is very knowledgeable.
  • I have had several massages with Mark n I think he is AWESOME, very professional n very thorough. I have n will continue to recommend Mark to others!!!
    Shannon T.
  • Mark is an excellent therapist. He is very professional and knowledgeable about his field.
    Kristen R.
  • I always come away feeling so much better. The spa is very clean and Comfortable. The staff is always helpful, friendly, and respectful. Mark is my regular therapist and he is the best. I am so glad I found them. I recommend them to everyone who mentions anything about massage, now I will have to expand my recommendations because the ttherapes have expanded
    Barbara G.
  • I have been to Mark several times he is an extremely passionate and knowledgeable masseuse. He has worked on issues I’ve had with my lower back for some time with great results. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is suffering with chronic pain!
    Sherry B.
  • Mark is very professional and knowledgeable in his profession. Before I started with him, I could hardly move or sit without discomfort. He has been able to idenify the places that need attention and work through them so when I leave I am relaxed and pain free. I am so glad I found him.
    Anne B.
  • Mark is an expert at finding the areas that need work and helping me feel better and relaxed. I love the hours of availability and everything about Massage and Wellness.
    Melinda W.
  • I had Mark and he did a phenomenal job and reached all my needs while providing an extremely relaxing Swedish Massage with Hot Stones …… THANK YOU FOR A MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE MARK!
    Debbie C.
  • Mark is an awesome therapist. I have been going for over a year and he always makes me feel much better with stiffness in my hips and knees.
  • Mark is very professional, he makes you feel very comfortable. He has strong hands!
    Svetlana E.
  • Mark is an excellent massage therapist and really knows the body well. I highly recommend him. You will be back for more!
    Lynn J.
  • Mark continues to amaze me with his magic. I am finding more relief from my Achilles tendon pain. This time Mark also addressed my mid-back pain. It saved me from having to go to my chiropractor and was much more pleasant. Thank you, Mark.
    Dr. Liz Meyer
  • I am very impressed with Mark. He has helped me immensely with a sore neck. He is very knowledgeable. He is excellent.
    Janet S.
  • This was my third massage from Mark, and each one gets better than the last! I really appreciate the myofacia release, and the deep tissue work--I felt so loose and restored when I was done!
    Christina W.
  • Mark was great! I have been dealing with lower back pain for two months, going through the motions of PT with little improvement. One appointment with Mark and I am already on the road to recovery, I can’t believe it. A quick chat with Mark and he knew exactly where to start work, he is very knowledgeable and skilled with what he does. I will definitely be a return customer!
    Julia Z.
  • Mark ia an amazing therapist. He is highly professional, knowledgeable and personable. He know exactly which areas need the most work, and helps me feel better. I highly recommend him! Call today! You won't be disappointed!
    Susie H.
  • Marks massage was very therapeutic. He identified and released many tension spots. Relaxing and effective.
    Robert H.
  • Mark is an amazing therapist. He knows exactly where I have tender muscles. I highly recommend him without reservation! Call now and book your appointment, you wont be disappointed!
    Susan H.
  • I cannot say enough great things about Mark. He never gives you the standard massage that you find at other places. He talks to you and finds what areas need the most work and he targets them. He even gave me some great tips on stretching and helping with soreness in my legs. I would highly recommend Mark to anyone looking for a quality massage and experienced therapist.
    Amber H.
  • Mark is nothing short of fabulous! He knows which muscles need the most work. His massage is very therapeutic and relaxing. I highly recommend him without reservation. Call now and make your appointment. You won't be disappointed!
    Susie H.
  • JJ and Mark provided an incredible experience during our couples massage on Friday Eve. They are both extremely professional and personable! This was my husbands first massage and they made him most comfortable and relaxed. I would highly recommend both of them. We were visiting from the Florida panhandle and if we lived in the local area would definitely frequent the Massage And Wellness Spa. Thank you so much!!!
    Liz V.
  • I have been a client of Mark’s for 3 years now. He is by far the BEST massage therapist I have ever had. I spend the winters here in Florida and have a weekly appointment set up with Mark. I come down at least once a month during the rest of the year and always set up appointments before I get here. He is attentive to whatever problems I may be having and always manages to work through them….magic hands! Thorough, professional, caring and a great personality. I highly recommend Mark!
    Nancy G.
  • A very relaxing massage with Mark. He was very easy to speak with and made sure I was comfortable during the session. I look forward to the next appointment.
    Jennifer K.
  • Clean, prompt, professional. I found my visit to be a perfect experience for what I needed. Mark is a great intuitive massage therapist. His use of multiple techniques really is a bonus!
    Diane G.
  • Mark is an excellent massage therapist. He is very knowledgable and can tell exactly what needs worked on.
    Kristen R.
  • Mark is excellent! He was able to pinpoint my problem area and really get some good movement. I would highly recommend him.
    Shelley P.
  • I have been going to Massage & Wellness for over a year. The staff is always very friendly, professional and helpful. The ambience is soothing and the facility is spotless. They offer many specials. My therapist is Mark. I have been getting massages for many, many years and he is the best I have had. He has the ability to find what the body needs and adjusts the therapy to meet those needs perfectly. Any issues my body is having are always relieved. Thank you Mark and Massage & Wellness.
    Barbara G.
  • I have been seeing Mark Hayward for a year now, and it is amazing to feel the difference in my body!! When I first began to get massages from him, he worked specifically on several problem areas I had. However, yesterday, he was able to do a full-body massage, because my problem areas are now doing so much better--I told him that my body automatically begins relaxing as soon as I enter the building! I plan to continue to see Mark on a regular basis, and I would highly recommend him to others!
    Christina W.
  • Really enjoyed the massage, Mark was sensitive to pressure and target areas. Highly recommend.
    Joan D.
  • Shout out to Mark! I tried a massage for the for the time yesterday with him, for chronic upper back pain that I've been dealing with for about 15 years now. After the first session, I feel a lot less pain and have hope that the pain I've been experiencing for so long is in the past. This office is professional, clean, relaxing, and they truly are there to help you.
  • Mark was detailed, explained, and answered all of my questions very thoroughly. He even took the time and showed me stretch exercises to help me. He really cares about his patients.
    Rachel W.
  • Mark is simply amazing. He has a magic touch. He has helped me increase my range of motion and just the general relaxation is nice too. I wish I could go every week.
    Elizabeth Meyer
  • Mark is the best! He always finds the right spots and focuses on them.
    Cynthia S.
  • Amazing. I went in with alot of pain in my lower back and Mark was so knowledgable with my case and has relieved almost all my pain.
    Alicia V.
  • Mark listened to where my back issues were and targeted those areas. Very relaxing.
    Lori A.
  • I went to Mark based on a recommendation and now I am recommending him. he goes above and beyond to give an excellent massage
    Lynn Jones
  • Just observing the way I was standing, Mark knew how to proceed to give me the best massage possible. I look forward to my next appointment.
    Ann S.
  • Beautiful facility. It’s very clean and calming. I always get a wonderful massage from Mark. I would give him 6 stars if I could.
    Jody K.
  • Mark is an excellent therapist. He is both extremely skilled technically and very intuitive. I have been receiving massages for 20 years and in all that time Mark is the best I have ever experienced. If you are looking for a therapeutic massage or simply relaxation, you will be thrilled! I recommend Mark to everyone I know. He is the best!!
    Nicole S.
  • Mark always does a great job, makes adjustments to pressure, etc as needed. I always leave feeling 100 % better!!
    Darlene T.
  • Amazing massage! I have been working with Mark after many months of trying to resolve a sports injury/pain that would not resolve with physical therapy. He is so knowledgeable and his expertise is vast. I will continue to work with him as he not only helped to resolve the problem but would advise of specific things I could do to ensure that the issue to stay in check. Thanks!
  • As always, Mark provides an incredible experience. He is a gifted and intuitive healer. I always leave with a sense of physical well being. He is the best.
  • Mark was professional and he focused on what I needed. Consequently the range of motion for my shoulder improved.
    Susan R.
  • Mark is a true healer. Working with him has helped me heal pain and imbalance I've had in my hips and left leg. I always feel energized after my session!
  • I have a problem with my knee mark really worked on my knee and when I was done with my massage my knee felt much better he told me to ice my knee when I got home it really helped . I would will see mark again in 2 weeks.
  • I have been getting routine massage sessions with Mark for a year now. Most of the time it is for maintenance, but when “life happens”, which it does to everyone, I increase my sessions, so Mark can bring me back to earth or alleviate a pain in my body, which he always accomplishes. For about the last three months a new hindrance has entered my life. My brain won’t shut off to allow me go to sleep or when it does, I wake up at 2AM and cannot get back to sleep. My brain goes into full work/life mode and I cannot shut it off. I mentioned this to Mark and he gave me a few breathing exercises and a sample of Qigong & Meditation. I experienced positive results and decided to get a package to learn more. I am still learning, but thanks to Mark, I am able to shut off my brain, fall asleep AND sleep all night! With the massages and Qigong & Meditation sessions, my body and my mind are in a really good place. I highly recommend Mark for any of his services. He is exceptionally knowledgeable and very intuitive on what your body needs. He is professional, compassionate, attentive and in my mind a true healer. Thank you Mark! You ROCK and I greatly appreciate you and your abilities!
  • Had a perfect massage by Mark over the holidays! He's very strong and professional! Also he's nice and tall so he can stretch you from both ends at the same time - like a pleasant version of the rack - lol!!! Thanks again for a great experience.
  • This is my first experience with massage therapy. I had a total of 4 deep tissuse massages done by Mark and they have helped with the back and hip problems I have been having. Would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Very professional Pat
    Pat W