Thai Massage
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The thai word Nuad is translated into English as “massage.” Bo-Rarn is translated as “ancient”. So, Nuad Bo-Rarn means “ancient massage”, or “ancient healing way”. However, thai massage is very different from the type of tissue manipulation which is usually associated with massage in the context of western practice. The work itself consists primarily of pressure points and a large variety of passive stretching movements, nicknamed ‘Lazy-Yoga’. Pressure is exerted with the palms of the hand, the thumbs and the feet; at some points the elbows or knees may be used. The pressure and stretching movements are combined in a comprehensive strategy that may be performed in 60 – 75 or 90 minute sessions but may be extended to two hours for a full program. Two hours is frequently considered an ideal length of time for a thai massage. This style of thai massage is performed on a traditional massage table. The benefits include increased flexibility and range of motion, circulation, energy and pain management.

Thai massage is also ideal for clients who seek the benefit of massage but are not comfortable getting undressed or don’t like the feeling of massage lotions and oils. Clients are encouraged to wear loose fitting or gym style clothing to get the most benefit from the stretches being performed and massage lotions or oils are never used.